The Astrology of January 2022


The first half of the month will be light – a period of renewed hopefulness for the future. As the month comes to an end, we are likely to experience a sense that loose ends are finally being tied up but beware, the way in which this happens may not be so easy to digest. 


  • 2nd January – Mercury enters Aquarius, another Saturn ruled sign. Expect conversations and communications of all sorts to become both more serious and more engaging. Now is perfect the time for principled, well-considered philosophies and ideas especially those with a future-orientation. At the same time, a new moon in Capricorn focuses your attention on the issues brought up compliments of Venus in retrograde, the themes of which will likely include the law’s interaction with women.
  • 8th January  – an empowering moment in Venus’s retrograde as she goes cazimi (i.e. conjunct with the Sun). This is a critical moment of alchemical transformation. To this point, Venus has been back-pedalling toward the darkness, the underworld, if you like. But now, she’s touching the Sun and as the result, is infused with new clarity, new energy. Why not adopt a new way of doing things especially when it comes to your finances and relationships?
  • 10th January – the Sun is sextile with Neptune. This is a potent, albeit brief, imaginative moment of grace. If you’ve been looking for a chance t to drop back and regroup in order to go forward stronger than ever, now is that time!
  • 11th January – Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces – this is a fiery, prophetic moment, a charismatic, forceful, passionate energy. Use this energy to get excited about showing the world about the things you love but please, take care not to get too carried away. 
  • 12th January – Uranus begins its station (i.e. it appears to slow down and stop before turning to go direct). Uranus, harbinger of awakenings and breakthroughs (intellectual, psychological, spiritual) as well as rebellions and revolutions, has been retrograde (i.e. apparently moving backwards through the sky) since August 2021. During the retrograde period, we have been revisiting problems (relating to Uranus in Taurus) that have to date, failed to find solution. Now Uranus is preparing to again turn direct, we can at last, expect to finally see some inspired solutions. 
  • 13th January – Mercury engages with (by an unperfected conjunction) Saturn in Aquarius as Mercury begins to station before turning retrograde tomorrow (the 14th of January). This energy could well manifest as you getting ready to do something but at the last minute deciding against it until early March when Mercury again turns direct and reengages with Saturn by perfecting that conjunction. Note also whilst still retrograde, Mercury also reengages with Pluto at the end of January. Use this time for deep reconsideration and revision. Your strategic planning does a double-take?!
  • 16th January – the Sun conjoins Pluto brining with it a moment of catharsis, a small but significant shift in our intentions and ambitions. This energy lasts only a day but pay attention. Something might well come to fruition during this time that could change the course of your entire life.
  • 17th January – a full moon in Cancer that ties up with the Sun also conjoining Pluto. This could well be an intensely emotionally moment that brings to the surface difficult to process information dealing with your home and/or family. 
  • 24th January – Mars enters Capricorn, where he is very powerful, exalted. This signals the start of progressive period during which your ability to get things done is greatly enhanced.
  • 28th January – Venus stations and turns direct under the dark Moon. A period during which we may expect to feel that something profound deep within us has now culminated and has been completed. 

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