The Astrology of February 2022


This is an exciting, uplifting energy – perfect for collaboration with others to get things done.


  • 1st February  – The New Moon in Aquarius revives the continuing Uranus/Saturn square. Look back to 2021 to see how well everyone did with finding new ways to doing things without throwing out the proverbial baby with the proverbial bathwater. The challenge continues to be about finding ways to move forward cautiously. Especially at this time, it pays to approach change in a grounded, mature way. 
  • 3rd February  – Mercury stations (stands still) before turning direct and following after Mars and Venus as a morning star. Mars/Venus conjunctions are all about cooperation in conflict. Mercury moving forward shifts the momentum. This heralds a time to again, move forward and, if you’re careful in doing so, it should go quite well.
  • 4th February – Mars sextiles Jupiter before engaging with Uranus. This theme is about friends, allies, and collaboration. If you’re needing a helping hand to get ahead, now is the time to ask.
  • 4th February – The Sun conjoins with Saturn signalling the creative crystallization of a project or decision. It’s time to narrow the playing field and start making important choices. Sadly, this may not be as easy as you’d like it to be. Not everyone is willing to be flexible and this is especially the case with authority figures who might not be as keen to compromise.
  • 8th February – Mars in Capricorn is still travelling with Venus and now gets in touch with Jupiter. Thus this is still a perfect time for productive collaboration. At the same time, Mars trines Uranus; this could manifest as standing up for something that’s important to you. Go ahead, take a risk especially if you’re needing to things done in a new, creative way.
  • 14th February – Mercury moves into Aquarius after having conjoined yet again on the 11th of February with Pluto. During this 3-5 day period, pay special attention to your dreams. Mercury brings through a wealth of information and insights, some of which you might do well with.  
  • 16th February – Venus and Mars perfect their conjunction with Mars passing over Venus whilst a few days Venus will pass over Mars. Use this time to bring conflict into harmony. Harness creative tension to move projects forward. At the same time, we experience the full Moon in Leo, which picks up the energy from new moon at the beginning of the month. Back then, there was need to do things differently and with this full moon, you’re likely to be managing to do just that.
  • 17th February – Jupiter and Uranus come together to form a sextile ushering in a time of expansion and growth. You might expect a bit of good luck breaking out of a slump and especially getting ahead in your ambitions. Good stuff.
  • 19th February  – The Sun moves into Pisces after which during the next few weeks will make lovely connections with Jupiter and Neptune. Uplifting!
  • 21st – 23rd February – First Mars and then Venus sextiles Neptune. As long as you’re paying careful attention to the details and getting not overly idealistic, this could be a very positive time for working out problems and getting your dreams in good order.
  • 24th February – Mercury squares Uranus just as Mars/Venus get together yet again. This is the moment of breakthrough – an epiphany. Rejoice!

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