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Hidden Dangers of The Hero’s (mythological) Journey

This weekend, I was privileged to participate in an academic conference, The Talking Sky, hosted by the University of Wales and The Sophia Centre. The purpose of the conference was to explore the cultural aspects of diverse myths inspired by the heavens. Whilst many important points were made, one surfaced time and time again – i.e. although we are fascinated with the sun (ever-popular … Read More Hidden Dangers of The Hero’s (mythological) Journey

Love’s Alchemy & the Alchemical Marriage

Enter Mercury to facilitate the active dialogue and transference which is at the base of all therapeutic work.

Love’s Alchemy & the Golden Age of Saturn

Because Saturn marks the boundary between personal and transpersonal (cosmic) powers, it is the alchemists most important planet being equated with both the beginning and end of the Great Work.

Love’s Alchemy – Stage I – The Purification process or Calcinatio

Calcinatio is a fiery, burning process governed by Aries/Mars during which the dross is burned off to purify rather like the process during which diamonds are formed.

Change as the Result of Time in the Secular Poetry of John Donne

While on the surface it may appear that he is a proponent of constancy, his speakers often lamenting how others are so inconstant and false, I would argue that on the whole Donne favours change.

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