Astrology of January 2023

It’s time to stop, regroup, change whatever needs changing, and move forward confidently.

  • 1 January – the year starts with Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – this energy helps you to pinpoint difficult areas in your relationships – past and present. Assume your ‘other half’ kicks up a tempest in a teacup. But the reality is that whatever happens comes as much from you as from others. The trick is to strip away the details of the moment and get to the core of the issue: for example, your beloved makes a (dark) joke at your expense that you don’t think is funny. Instead of focusing on your beloved’s intentions (unconscious or not) and berating him or her, get in touch with the emotions that joke stirred with you. Chances are that you’ve experienced them before, perhaps in completely different circumstances. Sit with that for a while and pay attention to whatever comes as the result.
  •  3 January – Venus leaves Capricorn for Aquarius and makes a sextile with Jupiter in Aries. As the evening star – sets just after the sun – Venus enjoys wealth and good fortune. Having just come off that conjunction with Pluto – i.e. riches, perhaps of a kind you may not appreciate, as noted above – Venus connects with abundance (Jupiter). Don’t overspend! 
  • 5 January – the Sun trines Uranus. Two things might happen (1) you are consumed by boastful confidence, or (2) you experience an amazing lightbulb moment or breakthrough. If the two combine, you might regret letting yourself get carried away.
  • 6 January – Full Moon in Cancer. Every full moon has the potential for an emotional time. Likewise, full moons tend to bring things to a head – culmination of that which was planted (consciously or not) at the last new moon, the 23rd of December. It is not always the case that we are pleased with the fruits borne by the seeds we’ve planted, and with this moon, this might well be the case if you’ve been inclined to go a bit too far of late. Use whatever happens as a proverbial ‘gut check’. 
  • 7 January – Mercury goes Cazimi (moves into the heart of the Sun). This is an extremely powerful placement for Mercury. But he is in retrograde, and necessarily, he’s going back over old ground. Put the two together (along with the ‘gut check’ from yesterday, and again you may realise that you’ve gone too far and it’s time to go back, regroup, and set forward again on more solid ground. 
  • 8 January – Mercury trines Uranus – a moment for dynamic problem-solving. Depending on what’s been happening the last couple of days, this might be most welcome. 
  • 9 January – Venus trines Mars – and on 11/12 January, Mars stations and turns direct after a long period moving backwards through the sky (retrograde). Put these together, and you might look for a positive resolution for something bugging you for months. 
  • 14 January – Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus – interestingly, these two planets may get on better than usual (they are in mutual reception). Expect themes of greater independence and the ability to do your own thing. There’s real potential for a visionary breakthrough; be proud of it too.
  • 18-19 January – Mercury stations and turns direct in Capricorn – if you’ve been stuck with your thinking and/or communication, look forward to making progress again. 
  • 21 January – New Moon in Aquarius – time to start again in a new direction, but you need to be serious about this. Think before you leap!
  • 22 January – Venus conjoins Saturn – this colours yesterday’s new moon – time to take a more mature view, especially regarding your personal values and relationships. Make your brilliant ideas real on every level. 
  • 27 January – Venus enters Pisces – This is the beginning of a lovely new time – relationships settle – life takes a harmonious turn – take the best advantage of the very auspicious time, for it only lasts a month. 

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