Tag: Magic

  • Disreputable behaviour is nothing new …. or is it?

    Cor had been born into a group of real-life wizards in the wilds of the Belgian Ardennes. They did things to people that would make Harry Potter’s toes curl.

  • The Dangers of Magical Practice – Ego Gratification vs. the Divine

    As transiting Neptune slides into Pisces, many will become more interested in the occult.   If you decide to dabble in anything more strenuous than practical household magic, it’s worth keeping in mind one point that just might save your life. In his excellent book, The Philosophy of Magic, Arthur Versluis reminds us that in both…

  • Mercury in Gemini – a Gift from the Gods

    Today Mercury, the planet of connections and communication, moves into its sign of ruler ship, Gemini, where it remains until the end of this month. We may think we already know all there is to know about connections and communication – after all we’re post-modern aficionados with our iPods and iPhones and of course… there’s…