Barbie Moves with the Piscean Flow and So Will You

For the last 12 years, Neptune (‘The Face of Fashion’), has been in Aquarius – during which period you aspired to iPods, mobile phones and personal computers as the ‘must-have’ staples of your personal haute couture.

Now – at the beginning of this month – Neptune has slipped into Pisces.

To what will you be aspiring next?


Barbie has both a Pisces Moon and Sun – making her the perfect Piscean ‘Face of Fashion’.[1]

Pisces is the zodiac marker to which the collective fixes its fantasies.  So it’s little surprise that back in the 50’s and 60’s when Barbie was first introduced, she became the dream to which millions of young girls inspired.  I acquired my first Barbie (with her wedding trousseau) in 1959 while recovering from a tonsillectomy.  Within a short time, each and every one of my little girl friends had a Barbie too.

MG Lord, author of Barbie’s unauthorized biography, says that people project fears and prejudices onto Barbie; when a person talks at length about Barbie, one usually learns more about the speaker than the doll.

Sleek, slick, and fashion model perfect, Barbie was certainly the hook upon which we kids projected our future dreams.   She was the consummate free-spirit – never married Ken – never had children – had no idea what she wanted to be – should she ever grow up.

Barbie had a never-ending string of sexy careers.  She began as a fashion model and quickly advanced to fashion designer. The following year she became a registered nurse and in 1963 became one of the first female executives.  Then she went back to university and was an astronaut long before the moon landing.  She was a surgeon in 1973 when American women like me and my friends, were still arguing their right to be professionals!  She was even in a rock band, Barbie and the Sensations.

Barbie has traveled to Rio and Moscow, went into space, wore every couture outfit in the book, and switched boyfriends and pets in a regular basis.    She’s photogenic and appealing.  Never underestimate power the soothing and relaxed energy that surrounds Barbie like a silver-lined cloud.

Barbie is hip.  She moves with the flow.

And from now until 2025, so will you

[1] Barbie was ‘born’ on 9 March 1959 between 10Am and 3 PM at the International Toy Fair in NYC.



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