The Uranian Fate of Mr Strauss-Kahn

As we all know, Mr Strauss-Kahn has a spectacular ‘ladies man’ line-up in his (highly visible – in the public eye), 10th house. [1]

But I don’t think this is what got him into trouble.

I believe that whatever happened on 14 May 2011 in that hotel room in NYC was the result of his natal Aries Moon (conjunct his MC/midheaven or 10th house cusp) being ‘set off’ (or conjuncted) by transiting Uranus (planet of upheaval and change).

In his brilliant book, The Gods of Change, Howard Sasportas states that when Uranus transits a man’s natal moon, he can expect disruptive changes in his relationship to women in general.  A man undergoing a Uranus-Moon transit may attract women of an Uranian nature who will alter his world-view.  He can expect a difficult Uranus-Moon transit (of which this conjunction is one) to manifest through outer events (apparently out of his control), which shake up his world and threaten his security.  Stable relationships may come crashing to an end or he may be forced to move home, or both.

Although this may seem to be completely the work of fate, in reality this transit is asking Mr Strauss-Kahn to assess whether his feelings prior to this could in any way be connected with what he’s just attracted into his life.   It’s little wonder Mr Strauss-Kahn been put on suicide watch.  With this Uranus-Moon transit, he will most certainly experience very jarring or disturbing emotional states.

Now is an excellent time for Mr Strauss-Kahn to seek professional help.  The feelings underlying this Uranus-Moon experience have probably been kept in check for a very long time.  Coming to terms with them will allow him to move forward with his life, which likely won’t manifest until January 2014 when transiting Uranus crosses his MC/midheaven for the very last time.

[1] Venus/Sun conjunction in sensual, pleasure loving Taurus and Mars conjunct North Node (destiny) in fiery, feisty Aries.   Not to mention these are all square to Jupiter in Aquarius which conjuncts the descendent (leading edge or cusp – of his 7th house of ‘relationships;).  Just about any planet in square to Jupiter will manifest as an tendency for ‘excess’ of whatever that planet represents and a line up of Venus, Sun, and Mars  (values, life purpose, sexual potency and aggression) in ‘excess’ could certainly produce sex scandals.






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