So much hot air…

The following chart is set in London for the exact moment of the Sun’s ingress into Cancer on the Summer Solstice (21 June) and as such, offers a picture of what we might expect to happen in the UK for the 3-month period from then until 23 September, the Autumnal Equinox.

Summary – during this next calendar quarter, expect heated discussions regarding trade and commerce with the UK’s neighbours. But however cleverly packaged, the delivered message will fall flat and fail to bring any manifest results. 

hot air

Detailed Analysis:

  • Saturn (18 Capricorn) is in the same degree as the nodal axis. This gives the situation a fated quality involving isolation, reluctance to cooperate with others, and inability to adapt. Because Saturn is the 3rd house, then according to mundane astrology gurus – Campion, Baigent, & Harvey,  this is likely to play out economically through trade negotiations with neighbouring countries.
  • However, with Mars/Mercury in close alignment in the 9th house, we might expect that such negotiations will not go well. Mars/Mercury has a reputation for being rash, finding fault, and overall irritability. 
  • The UK government, as shown by the Sun in the 8th house with a sextile to Uranus, is self-willed yet strained. Whilst it is true that such an aspect is innovative in regards to reform, it is not stable and may result in a complete breakdown of order. 
  • The midpoint of Mercury/Uranus is closely conjunct Venus; this combination suggests a good deal of artistry in regards to the government’s packaging of their message. But put together with the midpoint of Moon/Jupiter closely conjunct Saturn, and we can add to indifference, negligence, injustice, and inner conflict. The midpoint of Moon/Pluto in square aspect with Uranus adds an element of extreme emotional upset, more likely than not having to do with excessive, impulsive displays of emotions such as jealousy, offended vanity, personal insults, and conceit.
  • On the bright side, Saturn in same degree of the nodal axis does suggest an inclination to seek association with mature and experienced people and so let’s hope for all our sakes, that with new government (now in the making), cooler heads will prevail. Although to be honest, with the Neptune/Jupiter square also in the same degree as the nodal axis, such hope is probably naïve.
  • Overall, as none of the planetary players in this chart form a tight (Ptolemaic) aspect to any of the chart’s angles, not much is likely to actually manifest during this period. 

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