Redundancy – yes, no, and how?


X has just received notification of the likelihood of redundancy in the near future after many years of devoted service. How is this likely to pan out?

Time for goodbye?


The redundancy has not been well thought out by the employer and is likely to generate some heated discussion/arguments (internal). However it is likely to proceed with a nice payout for X, who is more likely than not going to be very happy. This ‘rebirth’ in X’s career as been a long time coming and is welcome. The only warning here is that X needs to take extra care when dealing with ‘important’ people because there’s likely some element of confusion or even outright deception.


Horary Chart
  • X is represented by Venus, the ruler of the 7thhouse (I’m the querent asking on X’s behalf).
  • Venus is in a strong position (dignified by Term).
  • X’s career is ruled by Saturn because Aquarius is on the cusp of X’s house of career (4thhouse in this chart). Saturn is very strong in rulership of Capricorn. 
  • Further, Venus (X) is in reception (albeit not mutual reception) with Saturn (career) by Term. Career and X are on the same wave length and in a strong position
  • The Moon is the overall symbol of how events play out (past, present, and future).
  • At 2 Scorpio 56, the Moon has not yet make any connection with another planet since changing sign. This suggests that X’s employer hasn’t given this much prior consideration and indeed, because the first aspects that the Moon will make will be a square to Mars/Mercury, the employer may be in for some ‘heated’ discussion (or quarrelling) on this matter, probably internal. Mercury is in retrograde; this suggests similar problems and issues. 
  • That X and his employer (symbolised by Mars, as Scorpio is on X’s 7th house cusp (1st house in this chart) are not really communicating/connecting here, is demonstrated by lack of any aspect between Venus (X) and Mars (employer).
  • The Moon next makes an opposition to Uranus which suggests that the redundancy (break with the employer) will happen. Although many horary astrologers don’t use Uranus, Pluto, or Neptune, I believe that they shed valuable light on the situation. In this case, I’ll include them as ‘advisory’. The employer may also be symbolised by Saturn (Aquarius on the cusp of X’s 10th house) and Venus perfecting an opposition to Saturn does suggest that X and the employer are at odds with each other, pulling apart, on opposite sides of the fence.
  • Next, the Moon perfects a trine, or profitable aspect, with Venus (X). This suggests that X will be happy about this whole undertaking, especially when it comes to money.
  • The Moon will next perfect a sextile with Saturn, suggesting that this is a favourable time for legal dealings and/or with ‘officials’.
  • The Moon next makes a favourable trine to the Sun (and Neptune) suggesting that ‘important’ people will weigh in on this. X should take special care here, however, because Neptune’s involvement adds an element of confusion, lack of clarity, or possibly also outright deception. The by-word here might be all the glitters is not gold, so X must scratch under the veneer presented to find out what’s really going on.
  • The  last aspect the Moon perfects before changing sign is a sextile to Pluto. This adds an element of ‘rebirth’ and ‘transformation’ to the mix and if X was not happy with the job as it had evolved of late, this break with the employer of many years may be just what is needed.
  • The whole process should take about 20 days.







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