Challenge, Conflict, Courage, & Catharsis

Astrologically, October 2020 is going to be a hell of a month.

It started on 1 October with a BIG BANG – a full Moon in Aries – cementing a Martian (martial) theme for the entire period (because Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries). 

Unto itself, that’s challenging enough but Mars itself is very busy during the entire period. In many respects, this could be the grand finale (or dying swan song) for the whole of 2020, set from the very start to be a very turbulent year

  • 2 October: Venus moves from Leo into Virgo. Although in Leo she may have enjoyed herself playing the drama queen, , she was in detriment so not really good at doing when Venus is meant to do – i.e. fostering enjoyable, mutually fulfilling relationships. In Virgo she takes a step further down the ladder – because now she is in fall. The thing to keep in mind here is that when, as here, any planet changes dignity, we need to pay special attention. Venus will drop her flashy – ‘let’s have fun’ guise she had in Leo and get rational and picky and yes, very serious indeed. Important issues impacting women (i.e. marketplace equality, childbearing, et al) come to the forefront. Expect HOT (Mars is in his home sign of Aries) and INCISIVE debate (Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in Mar’s other home sign of Scorpio) on all matters relating to women.
  • 7 OctoberMercury (in Scorpio) makes an opposition to Uranus – this is big and dynamic – and as is always the case where Uranus is involved, expect the unexpected. Uranus acts as a like a bolt of lightning; that which was hidden (in the depths of Scorpio’s murky waters) is illuminated. For the first time in perhaps a long time, we see the lay of the land for what it really is. Because Mars, natural ruler of Scorpio, is centre stage this month (see earlier) and moving through a challenging square aspect with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, what we see is not likely to be pretty. Indeed, it is likely to be explosive! Beware. You do have a choice on how to react to what you learn during this period even if it feels otherwise. If you want to start a fight, now is the time to do it but don’t expect to automatically win. By contrast, do pay attention to hunches that you have during this time. Chances are they are spot on.
  • 9 October – if that wasn’t enough, now we have a real moment of breakthrough – catharsis – Pluto and Mars come to perfect that square. During this period, you’ll be reminded that making necessary changes (based on new information that is now coming to light) takes courage. You may have to dig deep for inner strength to get through hard times. But again, if you choose to react angrily and with aggression to changes thrust upon you, you might find yourself in more than a spot of trouble.
  • 11 October Jupiter (in fall in Capricorn – so definitely not the finest hour for leaders and authority figures) makes an enabling sextile to Neptune. If you choose, you now have an opportunity to renew your faith in the future! For many, it’s been one long year of the dark night of the soul. Take heart. The energy is starting to change but at the same time you’re being tested again (i.e. can you really believe anything???). So walk into this period with your head held high and with your eyes wide open and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. On the other hand, if you choose to believe what you want to believe rather than really reading the ‘writing on the fall’, you’ll lose out. YOUR CHOICE!
  • 13 October – The Sun in Libra forms an in opposition to Mars in Aries. You may be on the side of negotiation and compromise, but sadly, that’s not how it’s likely to turn out. Sometimes people don’t play fair (think Machiavellian power plays here) and they still win. That is more than likely to happen now so the only question that matters is how you choose to react. BTW, to help you with this, know that by the end of this month, the tide will have turned and Mars (fight) will lose out to Venus (diplomacy). If you can find a way to keep your balance now, things have a much better chance to work out for the best.
  • 14 OctoberMercury turns retrograde in Scorpio – time to rake over all the (still smouldering) coals that burned bright earlier in the month. This means that you’re getting a second chance at dealing with the ‘unexpected’ information that came to light around the 7th of October. Between then and 19 October (when Mercury again opposes Uranus), you have the opportunity to set things right. This is the turning point. Use this energy to wisely and to advantage. Nothing remains the same for long.
  • 16 October – if the first half of the month has been marked by uncomfortable challenge and conflict, with the new Moon (in Libra) today we will soon be finding some relief. Venus, the ruler of this Moon is still in Virgo, so she still is being critical and picky, but from now on in she’ll be gaining – rather than losing- ground – over argumentative Mars.
  • 18 October – today Mars suffers the first of his setbacks – when, still retrograde, he forms a square with Jupiter. Mars may not have paid too much heed to the ‘rule of law’ previously, but now he’s being called to task for it – and although the result may be dramatic and action-packed, Mars will no longer get away with ‘murder’. No longer keeping it out of the public eye. Just don’t get sucked into any deliberate dramas meant to keep your focus elsewhere. Unfortunately, with Venus opposing Neptune also during this time, the temptation may be to turn a blind eye. If you do, then you’re bound to have it thrown back in your face at a later date and that date is coming up rather sooner than later.
  • 19 October Mercury perfects his second opposition to Uranus and the ‘truth’ will out. If you’ve been like the ostrich hiding his/her head in the sand, this could get uncomfortable. Again, if you want a fight, you’ll get it during this time but again, don’t be surprised if you don’t win. We’re heading into a cooling off period through the end of the month – so if at all possible, put your hostilities on hold for just a bit longer.
  • 28 OctoberVenus moves from Virgo into Libra, where she becomes dignified and diplomatic. Now is the time for truth to ‘trump’ lies and justice to win the day. At least for a little while, might is no longer right and feathers ruffled by weeks of drama will finally become smoothed.

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