Astrology of May 2021

Beauty and Harmony:

Overall, this is good stuff and after all we’ve been through with Covid-19, et al, it’s about time. Some tough choices to make but a lot of help in making them – just don’t go overboard and as always, when signing any contract, always read the small print.

  • Major event – the Sun is in square with Saturn – this starts now and goes through the 3 May – this is a serious energy – you’re meant to be getting to grips with something important – and, also, in conjunction with the waning last quarter moon, letting go of something that no longer serves your – this may be difficult – but you’ve now reached the cross-roads and have to make a choice which way you will go. 
  • 4 May – Mercury changes sign from Taurus to Gemini – this is huge because later on 29 May, Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini and then later a solar eclipse 10th June in Gemini – everything Gemini in your charts is highlighted! This is a huge period of change in all things governed by Mercury – communication, travel, and making connections of all kinds. 
  • 8 May – Venus also enters Gemini – the goddess of harmony and beauty – buffers that Mercury in retrograde. Perfect time for buying and selling and the signing of contracts. Positive energy!  
  • 11 May – New moon in (Venus-ruled) Taurus adding more harmony and beauty to the picture and with the Moon exalted in Taurus, expect a happy time all around especially reorganizing, revisioning, and stabilizing things in your life are highlighted. A good time to purchase all things techie – phones, computers, et al – even signing up for that new course you’ve been thinking about. 
  • 12 May – Mercury makes a trine to Saturn – more good stuff – great for finding your mentor – or even being a mentor – a stable, grounded energy – so make the best of it.
  • 13-14 May – Jupiter leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces – a taster of things to come next year! Jupiter is in its own sign in Pisces – great for starting new projects – growth and development – movement where before you might have felt only logjam.
  • 16 – 29 May – the Sun goes through the last degrees of Taurus (this might be a choppy time – some difficult fixed stars involved) as well as Mercury going retrograde – in square to Neptune – pay attention here – there is real potential for illusion and delusion – but equally, potential for spiritual growth as long as you remain grounded. BEWARE – don’t go overboard with anything.
  • 24 May – Saturn turns retrograde – it’s a second hurrah for Saturn in Aquarius – if things have been slow and hard for you to date – this retrograde might help you to recover some lost ground before moving forward again.
  • Major Event – Lunar eclipse on 26 May at 5 Sagittarius – close to the South Node and a square to Jupiter in Pisces – this is about finding faith in the inevitable – rally behind your losses – and you’ll come out stronger as the result. 

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    Marijke Rambonnet

    Giving faith for starting part 2 of my life when I am going home

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