Happy Birthday Leo

For those born under the sign of Leo, find inspiration in the ancient Greek god, Apollo. 

Under his most important and influential aspect may be included everything that connects law and order. Primarily he represents the Greek preference for ‘the intelligible, determinate, measurable, as opposed to the fantastic, vague and shapeless’. 

WKC Guthrie, The Greeks and Their Gods

Apollo embodies that which we typecast as the masculine attitude.  He is at home in the realm of intellect and clarity. As a god, archetype, and man, he’ shines’ like the sun for he was the most important son of Zeus, the essence of the patriarchy.

Yet for all his brightness, Apollo has a dark aspect; where the sun shines brightest, the shadows fall long. He was swift to mete harsh punishment where he felt justified and when jealous or rejected in his advances, he did not hesitate to kill.

Cassandra is the best known woman who rejected Apollo and paid an awful price. Apollo taught her the art of prophecy on the promise that she would become his lover but when she reneged on the promise, his revenge was that although she could still prophesize, no one would believe her.

There is a light and dark side to everything and everybody and we choose to ignore this at our peril. Apollo’s gift is to see things clearly but what you choose to do with what that you see, remains completely up to you.

I will remember, nor could I forget, far-shooting Apollo, whom gods tremble before as in Zeus’s abode he is striding— then as he comes up close to the place they are sitting, they leap up, all of them, out of their seats, as he stretches his glittering bow back.

Homeric Hymn

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