Happy Birthday Libra

For those born under the sign of Libra, find inspiration in the ancient Greek goddess, Athene.

She will convey to him the sense of a personal value quite apart from the collective values, for her own development demands of her to experience and realise an individual relationship in all its nuances and depths.

Toni Wolff

Athena is a practical, intelligent extravert who often intimidates men until they stop trying to woo her and instead become her friend. Athena will be a faithful companion to deserving men, as aptly demonstrated by her relationships with the Greek heroes. Unlike many goddesses, Athena wielded power not in partnership but in her own name. Some believe this leaves her a cold, lonely figure. Others believe it gives her time to do what she needs to do.

Whilst Hera found solace in her home and marriage and Aphrodite in the arms of her lovers, Athena found happiness in military prowess and as a ‘culture vulture’.  She was the patron of craftsmen, city dwellers, chieftains, and children.Perhaps one of the key things we can learn from Athena is the benefit of maintaining a strong community of sisterhood.

Wherever you stand on feminism, there’s still much to to be gained from admitting that men sometimes do get it wrong. To learn more, look, for example, to Christine de Pisan, the 14th century authoress of The Book of the City of Ladies, wherein women form a noble community in which to take refuge against the aggression of men.

Wise Zeus himself gave birth to her from his holy head and she was arrayed in her armour of war, all-gleaming in gold and every one of the immortals was gripped with awe as they watched.

The Orphic Hymns

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