New Moon in Aquarius

This weekend, we have the new moon in the first decan of Aquarius.

As you may know, every new moon begins a new growth cycle. Not surprisingly, whatever germinates during this time and develops over the next month, is flavoured by the zodiac sign in which the new moon occurs and everything else of significance in the sky. 

Along with this new moon, we also have Saturn conjoining with Venus, also in Aquarius. This planetary pair is not the most comfortable bedfellows. Thus we might expect our relationships with someone or something, to come under significant stress.

Astrologically Venus symbolises what we most desire. It also symbolises how we draw what we desire ever closer to us. By contrast, Saturn loves nothing better than erecting walls and barriers of every sort.

Given that an inherent theme in the Aquarian drama is about taking a risk and consciously walking away from what is known to confront the unknown in the hope of finding something better, we might expect a parting of ways with whatever we’ve held near and dear.

If you’re trying to kick a habit involving something you’re very fond of doing – eating, drinking, or even spending too much money- this could be the perfect time to start. Likewise, if your once-encompassing job or romantic relationships have lost their shine, you might decide that now is the time to cut loose and let go. 

Please be careful, however, in how you approach this decision.

The tarot card that aptly depicts this Saturn/Venus energy in Aquarius is the Five of Swords, otherwise known as the Lord of Defeat; it depicts a man holding three of the five swords whilst the remaining two lie on the ground, seemingly abandoned by the two men walking away. 

Who has won and at what price?

Only you can make that determination.

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