Clegg & Cameron in Composite

Typically used for astrological assessment of romantic relationships, a composite chart gives insight into the thurst of the combined energy of two people.

The highlights of the composite of Britain’s two new leaders: (1) Libra moon (naturally adaptive ability  to smooth trouble situations and reconcile conflicts of opinion), (2) Jupiter in Leo (ambitious, warm and dignified approach to exercise of power), and (3) Sun,Venus,Mercury stellium in Sagittarius ( bright, lively, and enthusiastic expansion of philosophic ideals).

Further, when compared to Britain’s own natal chart*, we find that (1) diplomatic composite Libra moon within minutes of Britain’s MC (place in the world from point of view of others), (2) in sextile (working easily and effectively) with that warm and ambitious composite Jupiter, and (3) in sextile (again, working easily and effectively) with those bright and enthusiastic ideals of the Sagittarius stellium.   Not only that, but that shiny stellium is placed right at Britain’s ASC (way of experiencing itself in the world).

Most astrologers would agree, these placements did not occur by accident.

So what might it mean for Britain’s future?  I predict a warm, open, and enthusiasm approach to  governance that will heal our cynical view of politics (and politicians).  It may also signify a return to world preeminence for Britain in the role of diplomacy and mediation.  Fingers crossed that I’m right.

*12 April 1927 (0.01)/London, UK

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    For the good of the UK, I hope your optimistic analysis of the composite chart of Clegg and Cameron is right.

    There are so many stresses between their two charts.
    Cameron’s Sun is inconjunct Clegg’s Saturn His Pluto and uranus are opposite Clegg’s Chiron. His Uranus and Pluto are also opposite Clegg’s Saturn. (I use the two chart system of the Magi Society.) I just can’t see this coalition working out. Nick Clegg has shown himself to be very untrustworthy, a hugely ambitious Capricorn, whose Sun trines Pluto, I think Cameron has taken on far more than he bargained for.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts – I agree that the synastry between C & C isn’t all sweetness and light – but interestingly Clegg’s Mars is conjunct Cameron’s Sun (15-16 Libra) and I suspect Cameron views Clegg as a much needed shot in the arm. True, (speaking as one with 4 planets in Libra including my Sun) Libra tire quickly of Mars – but then again Clegg’s Mars in Libra may just hold him back from personally asserting the power his Capricorn Sun trine Pluto desires. Fascinating stuff any way you look at it. Thanks again.

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