Astrological Analysis for 2016 US Elections and Beyond


Executive Summary:
The Democrats will take the White House in 2016 in what will, sadly, turn out to be a failed bid to move America toward more socialistic/economically stable ground. The right-wing/fascist movement will continue growing in strength leaving America pretty much in the same position of dangerous polarization currently experienced until about 2026, at which time it’s quite possible that America as we now know it will fall apart at the seams; all the indicators then are those of revolution and civil war.

Detailed Analysis:

Regarding the upcoming 2016 US presidential election, this is how I see the outcome based on traditional mundane astrology (see for details:

The key players:

Sun = represents the President (persons in authority, prime ministers, cabinet minsters, the leaders of a nation).

Moon = denotes the common people, women in general, the crowd in the streets. In a mundane chart, the Moon shows where the public’s attention will fall.

Neptune = rules socialism, communism, and as the symbol of the urge towards collectivism, it suggests left-wing political ideas.

Jupiter = rules the nation’s wealth, banks, and bankers as well as the judicial system.

Pluto = represents the principle of metamorphosis and regeneration especially in regards to those aspects of life carried on hidden from public view.

Uranus = influence over rioting and outbreaks of political tension, right-wing political ideas, fascism.

Venus = governs women’s issues (marriage & children) as well as peace and diplomatic resolutions.

Saturn = Land owners, farmers, state funerals, public sorrow, and disappointment.

Let’s start by reminding ourselves that it’s all change for the United States of America:

  • Transiting Pluto (currently at 16 Capricorn) has now just finished its opposition to America’s natal Sun (13 Cancer) Jan – Nov 2015;
  • Pluto has taken 239 years to reach this point;
  • Transiting Uranus joined in with transiting Pluto in square aspect (challenging aspect) = political vision coupled with urgent need to destroy old forms and attitudes.
  • The Pluto/Uranus cycle = 84 years = we are now experiencing the closing square for the conjunction of 1963-1968 – difficult times when protestors took to the streets rejecting the long status quo of unquestioned acceptance of authority.
  • Sun = the President and persons in authority and Pluto = metamorphosis and regeneration.
  • With opposition from Pluto (with help from Uranus) during all of 2015 it’s already started and won’t finish conjunct its own position at 27 Capricorn in America’s natal chart during the period Feb 2022 through Oct 2023.

US national chart

Predictions the presidential election 2016:

  • Moon/Neptune = Moon (common people and public attention) conjunct (acting in close concert) Neptune (socialism and left-wing politics) = prediction – common people will catch public attention for turning out in groves (grass roots type of thing) to bring in a more a socialist America. Note that for purposes of Mundane astrology, the Moon is the ruler of America (Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Venus all in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon). This means that for America to survive, the needs of the Moon must be met.
  • Jupiter/Pluto = Jupiter (national wealth and banks/bankers) in Square (challenging aspect) with Pluto (metamorphosis and regeneration especially regarding those aspects of life carried on hidden from public view ) = prediction –  significant (and potentially painful) rearrangement of who controls American wealth.
  • Uranus/ Venus = Uranus (right-wing politics) trine (easy aspect) Venus (women’s issues, peace, diplomatic issues) à a significant airing (potential riots) of significant tension involving the role of women in the world at large, and especially in politics.But because Uranus/Venus (right-wing politics) does not make any connection to either the Sun (President) or the Moon (common people/public attention), right-wingers will not end up in power.
  • Saturn/Neptune = However, Saturn (public sorrow and disappointment) is also in Square (challenging aspect) to the Moon/Neptune and because Saturn/Neptune signals the urge to anchor a mystical/spiritual vision in society (socialism/communism). In 2016 we have the incoming square of a 36-year cycle– and hence this means tying up loose ends for business commenced back in 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the abolition of apartheid in South Africa. In my view, this 2016 square aspect does not spell success for realistic socialist change – the common people may want but those in power will press ever harder to preserve the traditional values they support. Until some way is found to actualize the mystical/spiritual vision of Saturn/Neptune, we can expect deep hatred and dangerous polarization to continue in American politics until the end of this present Saturn/Neptune cycle in 2026.

US election 2016


  • Summary –  The Democrats will take the 2016 presidency in their bid to move American toward more socialist, financially honest/secure ground but the result will bring only public sorrow and disappointment.
    • The right-wing ‘fascist’ group will not give up their fight and general climate of dangerous polarization currently present in America will continue through to 2022-2026.
    • As Pluto (force for creative destruction) is the biggest astrological player in this game, if the growing schism of left/right politics in America hasn’t found resolution, when transiting Pluto shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2026, we might expect the United States to come apart at the seams.
    • Uranus (right-wing/fascism) is the modern ruler of Aquarius and however forward-thinking and democratic modern astrologers might like to think Aquarius, it used to be ruled by Saturn and hence has a good deal to do with keeping the status quo; both Uranus and Aquarius are associated with full-scale revolution (Uranus having been discovered in conjunction with both the French and American revolutions).
    • By 2026 Neptune will have moved into Aries and if, as has oft been suggested, Neptune = zeitgeist, then Neptune in Aries suggests the prevailing sentiment will be civil war. The last time Neptune was in Aries was 1861-1875 and of course the historians amongst you will realize that 1861 did signal the commencement of the American Civil.

4 responses to “Astrological Analysis for 2016 US Elections and Beyond”

  1. Is there any way some of this can/will be reversed with specific actions? This is so sad.

    1. Pluto is operative here and Pluto only destroys that which cannot continue – change is always implicit with Pluto but folks do have a good deal of control of how that change will play out!

  2. Debra,
    Your prediction is right on. I’m an astrologer and have seen this coming. We know how powerful the outer planets are.
    Could say more. Look forward to hearing from you. Just found this article under civil war.
    Plan in progress to move from southern Oregon to Washington.
    Canada will be closer.

    1. Thanks for reading my post and for your comment! I am across I git the election results wrong because when I wrote it I was really thinking Sanders might carry the day but instead that grass roots movement that in the end really did carry the day was for Trump. Doesn’t matter in the end though I think because until the Pluto return occurs anyone in the White House is only there to heighten the growing rift in America that unless mended will rip the country apart. Although I’m American (born and raised) I live in the United Kingdom and I guess for now it’s where I’ll stay. Canada is a good option for you, so it sounds. Shit hitting fan in the US will not be pleasant😖

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