What might you personally expect from the upcoming eclipse?

On 21 August 2017, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun.

This will occur at 28 Leo 55.

Whilst these eclipses are not exactly rare, (most calendar years have four eclipses, two of which must be solar eclipses), they do tend to attract a good deal of attention. This upcoming solar eclipse has achieved fame because of its connections with the charts of the USA and its president, Mr Trump.

Astrologers view eclipses as a release of pent up energy that shakes us out of our everyday complacency so that we can get up and running again. As you also probably know, a total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and because it completely blocks our view of the Sun, the ‘lights go out’, so to speak.

Because the Moon is associated with the unconscious and the Sun with the conscious, a total solar eclipse (when the conscious is completely blotted out by the unconscious), offers a perfect opportunity to undertake some personal housekeeping.

If you have any planets or sensitive points in your natal chart on or near to 28 Leo (and also 28 Sagittarius, 28 Aries, or 28 Aquarius), you might expect your daily (unconscious) routine to be shaken.

The following is a quick thumbnail sketch or what you might expect if the eclipse triggers one of the following in your chart:

PlanetEffect of Eclipse
SunExpect issues with authority figures like parents or bosses – indeed anyone to whom you’ve abdicated your personal power.
MoonPossible changes in home situation or health – might leave you feeling vulnerable and/or exposed.
MercuryExpect changes in how you define yourself. It’s time to start writing your life story from a new view point/perspective.
VenusBe ready for financial and/or relationship challenges. Don’t let this ruin your self-esteem.
MarsNeed to protect your home, reputation, and/or family. Take what is yours but make sure that no one gets hurt.
JupiterTake a chance, a gamble, or a trip to someplace exotic you’ve never been to before. It’s time to do whatever is needed to get yourself back on track.
SaturnFeeling worn out and discouraged? Maybe you’ve outgrown your present life or are still playing by outdated rules? No sense blaming others. Take positive action. Get rid of blockages.
UranusFeeling like a misfit or scapegoat? Ok, that hurts. Your challenge now, however, is to be true to who you really are. Identify only with groups allowing you to be yourself.
NeptuneNeptune Now is the time to get in touch with your blind spots – dispute that which you’ve believed was indisputable. If you’ve been fooling yourself, expect a wakeup call.
PlutoPower struggles are the order of the day. Get in touch with your dark side and embrace it but don’t use it to manipulate others.





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