Fire and Fury – as astrological assessment whether it’s more fact or fiction…

The official release date for the Fire and Fury, the book that President Trump apparently does not want us to read, was moved forward. We are told this decision was made by the publisher just hours after Trump’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter, claiming among other things, libel and breach of confidentiality.

release Fire and Fury.jpgWhat might we learn from the chart?

  1. Jupiter/Mars (17 Scorpio) are closely conjunct in the 9th house, traditionally the house of publishing and the legal system. According to Ebertin, the combination of Jupiter and Mars equates with successful creative activity and a fortunate decision, especially for learned people, jurists, writers, and government officials.
  2. Add to this that Pluto at 18 Capricorn sextiles that Jupiter/Mars, and we have a double dose of Pluto/Scorpio in the mix. According to Ebertin this suggests the ‘right’ (or correct) aim or objective as well as unusual successes. Doubtless, the publishers believe that their objective is ‘right’ although it remains whether others will come to agree. Unusual success? Likewise, time will tell but at the moment, it’s looking good.
  3. But what about the book itself? Is it, as some say, more fiction and fantasy than truth or does is have more substance than some might have us believe? Astrologically, I suggest that for this, we look both to the chart ruler (Saturn and Uranus as Aquarius is rising) and to Venus, the ruler of the 3rd house of communications.
  4. Saturn is very strong in Capricorn and is closely trine to the Moon in Virgo. This combination suggests conscientious attention to detail as well fear of compromise as the result of indiscreet actions. Astrologically, this is not what we’d expect if this book were the stuff of fantasy alone. Instead, this astrological signature is one of carefully researched material, which is responsibly presented with a constant eye on the potential repercussions should it contain information that isn’t at least  supportable, if not actually true.
  5. Uranus (24 Aries) is making a trine to Mercury (22 Sagittarius). This combination suggests astute intuition, intellectual pursuits, fortunate ideas, confidence, and optimism, as well as courage, determination, and sudden success. It’s true that the author and publisher of Fire and Fury stand to gain financially especially given all the attendant media hype. But this astrological signature also suggests that the book itself is something of an intellectual innovation and that it will influence others in unconventional and unexpected ways.
  6. Finally, Venus is in Capricorn. Here, she is neither weak nor strong. But in Capricorn, Venus is circumspect, self-controlled, and operating primarily from a sense of duty.  Venus is also closely conjunct the Sun, which suggests that, in the long-run, this book may benefit Trump (Sun = ruler = president) more than he might now believe.Unknown.jpeg

Summary = this astrological chart suggests that Fire and Fury is more fact than fantasy, at least in the sense that it is well-researched and circumspect. It also suggests that releasing the book early was a clever, and fortuitous move. Yes, it was a power play but one carefully thought out. The book can be expected to achieve something greater than mere financial success and in some sense, that was always its purpose. Interestingly, at the end of the day, this book may actually benefit President Trump.


2 responses to “Fire and Fury – as astrological assessment whether it’s more fact or fiction…”

  1. Fascinating! Aside from the astrological evidence, the author has recordings of the conversations and interviews he writes about, so it’s clearly not a work of fiction. I enjoy learning from you. (BTW, it’s a lovely photo of the bridge of sighs – my daughter is currently studying at Hartford College.)

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – greatly appreciated. Yes, this book is clearly not fiction but I’d wanted to see me about what it might achieve – and astrology can help with that. Oxford is a fab place to live – although I live on the outskirts and not in the middle of the city – I’d spend more time in the city if the parking situation weren’t getting more grim by the moment. Take care and hope your daughter enjoys her time at Oxford!

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