Dear Taurus – ready for revolutionary change?

On 16 May 2018, Uranus enters the zodiac sign of Taurus. This will mean different things to different people. But one thing that’s for certain is that sometime between 16thMay and April 2026, each and every Taurean will be for an interesting ride when Uranus conjuncts his or her natal Sun.

Sun Trine UranusThis is a perfect time for astrological coaching.

To understand why, remember that Uranus was discovered by William Herschel (in Bath, England) around 1781 – a time of revolution – both for the United States and France. It was also the time of the Industrial Revolution – massive breakthrough in science, technology, as well as sense of community – huge evolutionary change – for better or worse. Those who were in sync with such changes, fared well and those who weren’t, probably didn’t. So it’s probably also worth noting now that as a general rule, Taurus (fixed earth) is not keen on change.

Without considering your precise circumstances (i.e. any natal aspects to your Taurus Sun as well as which houses, or areas of your life that will be affected), Taurus can expect any/or all the following:

  • Unexpected opportunities for change – maybe a new job, a new course of study, or even someone coming into your life to inspire you in completely different way.
  • Excitement and upheaval – prepare to face the unknown.
  • Restlessness – feeling bored and trapped by circumstances and/or relationships. If only ‘he or she would change, it would be alright’ – but of course he or she won’t and so, now what?
  • Circumstances force a change in your relationship with your father or other significant man/authority figure in your life. Time to take control – you’re in charge now.
  • Buzzing with thoughts and ideas – breaking free from tradition.

If ever there will be a time to make key, evolutionary changes in your ‘essential self’ this transit provides you with the perfect opportunity.

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