Sentimental Journey

Each and every month, the moon returns to the exact position it held at the moment of your birth. Factor in where you’re currently residing and you’ve got a Lunar Return (LR), or map of your emotional journey for the month.

Usually, the Lunar Return also points to actual events.

This month’s LR is two hours after the new moon suggesting that for me, a whole new emotional cycle is starting. My LR Moon aligns with my LR Sun, suggesting that at long last, my heart and head are working together. My LR Moon/Sun are high in the sky up in my 10th LR house (and close to the midheaven) suggesting this all manifests concretely – in full view – in my career. 

  • Virgo is on my LR Ascendant and in sync with my natal Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo.
  • This suggests that this month’s emotional energy will compliment my personal values (i.e. that which I love) as well as how I go about achieving them.
  • Good news! I love Virgo’s discriminating abilities. Just what I need for effective implementation of my plans.
  • Even better, the ruler of my LR Ascendant in Virgo is Mercury and he’s strongly placed in Gemini (another sign he rules) high in the sky in my LR 10th house (career).
  • Lots of extravagant and exciting communication (LR Mercury opposes LR Jupiter) that makes me feel good and further my career goals.
  • LR Mercury also sits within one degree of my natal Jupiter: good luck with speaking engagements, blog posts, and my new e-book. Fantastic!

Theme for this month: in the limelight and feeling good about it in regards to communication about the things that I love!

To date, I can affirm that’s exactly what’s happening – I’ve joined my first networking group to promote my new astrological coaching endeavour and it was great! I’m also making huge head way with Linked-In connections, some of which look very promising. The first one-half of my new e-book is just now out for beta-testing.

Watch this space. This is experimental for a potential new offering in my astrological coaching practice. I’ll be looking for beta-testers soon for this so if you’re interested, give me a shout!

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