The Last Hurrah

Let’s face it. Calendar year 2020 has been one hell of a year. We did warn you back in January that it would be remembered as a turning point in history. We also suggested that by the end of calendar 2020, we’d find resolution, a new way forward, and with November this will start in earnest.

  • 1 November: Mercury forms an exact square to Saturn. Something is stuck -we are going too rigid in our thinking. This energy provides a much-needed opportunity for seeing our situation differently, for adopting a new and more mature way of dealing with this. Beware; you’re unlikely to see the fruits of the process at hand until Mercury stations (appears to stand still in the sky) around the 8th of the month. The good news is that Libra is involved and Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in her maximum power. Thus there is every chance that whatever it is that seems stuck, will find an elegant, diplomatic solution.
  • 9 NovemberVenus (in Libra) opposes retrograde Mars in Aries. The showdown that we’ve been waiting for since mid-October is finally here and the themes in play may well be in sexual politics. Best that I can figure, politics is all about who holds the the upper hand. I figure since win-win situations are rare occurrences, there’s likely to be a winner and a loser here. It’s also likely that someone will be tempted not to play by the rules. The good news is that peace and diplomacy are likely to win, and in regarding sexual politics, that suggests it will be Ladies Day!
  • 12 November: Jupiter meets Pluto one last time. For the entire year, we’ve had might well be called a hand grenade of heavy-hitter planets (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) in Capricorn; little wonder we’ve suffered more of our fair share of civil unrest and what can only be described as shady politics not to mention the Covid-19 pandemic, which pretty much has put an end to life as we knew it. Finally, we can look forward to this coming to an end, a resolution. But the problem is that one more time things have to get worse before they can get better. This the last hurrah of Jupiter and Pluto in cohorts to provide maximum upheaval. Be brave: soon it will finally be over.
  • 14 NovemberThe New Moon in Scorpio. This is coming just at the time that Jupiter leaves Pluto behind for good (or until next time in about 12 years). The battle that we’ve all been fighting for the whole of 2020 is reaching its peak crisis, after which things will start to resolve. Let’s not be naïve, however, and think that the BIG BANG we’re soon to experience won’t reverberate for a long time. But on a positive note, Mars, planet of encounter and engagement is finally turning direct today after two months of ineffective vacillation. Finally we can look forward to some forward-moving decisive action.
  • 15-19 NovemberVenus forms a square with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) in Capricorn. You might think of this as a karmic equalisation – judgement day has arrived and (more or less) good triumphs over evil. If you end up on the winning side count your blessings and do more of the same. But if you end up on the losing side, accept defeat gracefully and give serious consideration on why and how you went wrong.
  • 16-17 November:  Mercury is back in opposition to Uranus. This is the moment of epiphanies and resolutions – unexpected news and events – in essence we are being freed from something not good for us although it can still be painful.
  • 21 NovemberThe Sun moves into Sagittarius. There’s light at the end of the tunnel The Winter Solstice will be with us in just a month and this year, it will be a doozy. In the meantime, this signals the start of eclipse season, which means ‘all change’. Astrologers view eclipses as a release of pent up energy that shakes us out of our everyday complacency so that we can get up and running again.
  • 26-27 NovemberVenus opposes Uranus. This one is of short duration but nonetheless chances are good that you’ll feel it as a dramatic and unexpected event and the most likely culprit is romantic relationships. More often than not, Uranian-inspired events work in our favour – so if we’re feeling restless and bored, this energy will be like a fresh, stiff, sea breeze. 
  • 30 NovemberLunar eclipse in Gemini.  The (full) Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow although it’s too far from earth for us to see it. However, every eclipse as a dramatic ‘wild card’ playing out someplace in our natal charts. Wherever this occurs, events will transpire in order to shake us out of our compliancy. With every eclipse something ends and something begins. But whilst solar eclipses tend to offer new opportunities, lunar eclipses like today tend to bring final endings.

If you’d like to find out more about the energies of November may effect you, check this out.

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