Big Bang!

In December 2020, we can expect quite a lot of astrologically significant energy – it’s a difficult year going out with a ‘big bang’ – so to speak – and finally we are moving into a brand new space that will feel brighter and hopeful – be proud that you’ve had the moxie to keep the faith:

  • 1-6 December – Mercury enters Sagittarius where he is not happy (in detriment) and so during this entire period, we can expect Mercurial things like communications and connections to be out of kilter – this is not a Mercury retrograde – so don’t blame Mercury when your e-mails go astray – but as Mercury is in a difficult position (antiscia) vis a vis Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn, you might expect that your email won’t be read and understood quite as was planned. During this period, little things may be glossed over – initially – until we realise them for the big problem that they really are. Equally, people may be prone to make a big deal out of pretty much nothing – overzealously, things can get blown way out of proportion. Read the small print when signing contracts – this is not the best time to start legal proceedings either. The temptation will be to overwhelm people with throwing the complete ‘kitchen sink’ at them – the heats on – they may give up just to stay afloat, but BE CAREFUL – this is NOT easy stuff. Is someone not telling the whole truth?
  • 5 December – Venus trines Neptune – usually this can be a romantic energy – but Venus is in Scorpio and the ruler of Scorpio, Mars is moving into a square with Pluto. So hostility, coercion, manipulation, and underhanded games are very possible – people might be willing to do anything to win – BEWARE – it’s easy to get seduced here and not for the best – are the some things that are going on behind the scenes?
  • 9-13 December – Mars moves into square with Pluto and so the power games ramp up at the same time that Mercury moves into trine with Neptune – deception is a real possibility here – BE CAREFUL – there is a real temptation to try to ‘get away’ with things whilst at the same time convincing yourself that you’re doing everything completely above board. We may not have all the information to make decisions – don’t cut corners here – it’s not in your interest longer term.
  • 9 December – The Sun moves into square with Neptune – think of this as a new vision – an epiphany – a sense of healing and clarity – inspiration. And with Mercury also involved it, could be the passing of something that gives way to faith in what comes next and the ‘divine order’ of all things. The Sun shines through!
  • 14 December – the same theme continues – a solar eclipse in Sagittarius – this is big because shortlythereafter Saturn and Jupiter conjoin (this happens every 20 years) and cross into Aquarius – and this is a bigger deal than you might think. The Jupiter/Saturn cycle is a major marker in generational changes and with this move of the new cycle into an air sign (Aquarius), it is metaphorically a breath of fresh air.
  • 16 December Celebrate – just as Jupiter/Saturn conjoin to move from Capricorn (earth) into Aquarius (air) setting up as noted above a whole new 20-year cycle and more (it’s a 200-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in air signs), Venus shifts into Sagittarius – and the first thing that Venus meets (by antiscia) is Jupiter/Saturn just before they undergo their ‘rebirth’.
  • 17-21 December – This is a transition between eras on a grand scale and Venus will play an important role here too – women and feminist issues may get a huge boost. Saturn symbolises older men and generations – the golden age of power – mastery -gain – and Jupiter, all that is new. Now we can look forward to all our hard work starting to pay off – this will be more hard work – but we are enthusiastic – and inspired! All at the same time of the winter solstice – the longest night of the year – we’ve kept the faith through the darkness and now the days start to get longer. Even more interesting, immediately when Jupiter/Saturn move into Aquarius, they make contact with Uranus by square: this is all about breakthroughs – new records set – and new technologies getting fired up – is now the time for bitcoins to take off? Maybe! It will all play out during calendar 2021 and with Saturn keeping the enthusiasm on an even keel, we can expect some very marvellous things.
  • 23 December – Mars moves into another square with Pluto – a heroic display of strength and might – beware, don’t fall into the trap of playing fast and footloose – if you are ruthless, you’ll get your comeuppance sooner than later. Nonetheless, if you’ve been stuck and unable to get some project or area of your life moving, now is the time that the barriers will crack and fall apart. We’re getting ready for all the exciting things we can expect in January 2021 when Mars comes together with Uranus in Taurus – more on late later.
  • 29 – 30 December – the end of the year is likely to end up on an emotional high – with the Full Moon in Cancer – we can feel connected with our home and hearth and with Venus coming into square with Neptune, it could be dreamy and pleasant so enjoy this time for shortly, there’s a whole new set of challenges and opportunities.

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