Karmic Astrology (3)

In yesterday’s post, I discussed the karmic importance of one’s natal Moon not only by sign but also by house placement. 

Whilst the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses (the water houses) are considered to be the most karmic, planets in any of the 12 zodiacal houses offer important clues as to current karmic challenges. But if there are no planets in the house in question, do not despair. Instead look to the ruler of the sign on the cusp of that house – (using Placidus house system):

HouseArea of Karmic ConcernExample
1st How you experience the world and what you expect from life.With Uranus on the ascendant or in the 1st house, you don’t expect to have an easy life and unless you can counteract this in some way, you probably won’t
2ndKarmic resources – that which that in prior lives you’ve already learned how to do and what’s required to handle certain situations.With Saturn here, the suggestion is that you have learned how to deal with boundary issues – what’s yours is yours you remains yours. This is an issue with which so many other struggle.
3rdKarma around siblings and communication issues. Do you expect to be understood by others?With Saturn here, you likely had problems in prior lives expressing yourself and making others understand what you want to say.
4th Parenting issues and expectations of your parents based on past lives.With Neptune here, you idealise a parent who doesn’t deliver leaving you confused as to how to interact with that parent in this life.
5thKarma relating both to having children, conducting love affairs, and/or other creative endeavours pursued for the sheer joy of it.With Saturn here, you may have difficult having children or perhaps you have them taken away from you.
6th Karma from past lives often manifesting in health issues in this live or other health-related karma (job/career) issuesWith Mercury/Saturn here, you might have breathing problems like asthma and Mar/Neptune may suggest problems with alcohol.
7th Relationship (marriage and partnership) issues – especially regarding expectations from such unions – linger on from past lives.The Sun in this house may suggest a male partner was your father in a past life and you are being asked to develop yourself (i.e sense of individuality and personal power) in this life through this relationship.
8th Karma regarding you share yourself and your resources with others.Jupiter here suggests ability to share your vision of of how the world works with others whilst Saturn here suggests inability to share much of anything with others (sexuality maybe harshly impacted).
9th Karma surrounding travel and exploration – many previous nomadic lives leave you culturally enriched.With the Sun in this house, you may currently be on a quest for understanding of yourself and your place in the world.
10th Career and social standingWith Sun in this house, in prior lives you likely held positions of great authority, wielding much political power – if you did so wisely, this is huge asset but if not, you may now be involved in subversive power plays.
11th Karma centres on connections with friends and groups, in the wide sense.With Uranus here, you might have acted as a catalyst for great change and how your challenge to to accept that each is entitled to his/her own view with none being better than another.
12th This is the house of heavy karmic inheritance but how you CHOOSE to use this inheritance now is what counts most.Mercury here suggests you might have been the village gossip whilst Mars suggests past lives involving wars and aggression, misuse of self-assertion and personal will.


My Jupiter in Gemini is in my 12th house. Often this placement suggests a close connection with ancient Egypt and as well as with other temple priests and priestesses in ancient times. Because my Jupiter is in comfortable connection (sextiles and trines) with the other karmic heavy-hitter planets (Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune), it’s likely these past lives I have accumulated significant wisdom and skills through temple work in order to help alleviate the karmic suffering of mankind as a whole. 

During that retreat at Glastonbury Abbey back in the summer of 2002, one of my fellow classmates channelled a past life for me. In that life, I was a wise-woman (witch) dressed in black against the rugged terrain of what looked to be Scotland. Although I was a healer, I lived away from the community, perhaps on an island with a tenuous connexion to the mainland. This isolation was for my own safety although there was no obvious danger presented during the exercise. 

In that life, people sought me out for my knowledge of herbs and plants and also for my ability to look to the sky for divination. I seemed happy, or at least satisfied, with my isolation. I definitely resonated with feeling proud to have been sought out for my learning and experience and to be considered an authority receiving appropriate recognition my accomplishments.

Not surprising this had long been an issue in my 30-year career as an international tax lawyer. Everyone seemed to have wanted me to be other than I was, a competent – lateral thinking – techie. Interestingly, it was at this particular time in my legal career, that I had just started to be recognised and appreciated for my expertise and learning. 

So how might all this contribute to my overall challenges regarding communication karma and in particular myMercury/Neptune/Saturn conjunction in my 4th house – (i.e. mystical/pragmatist dilemma)?

Next up, will be an investigation of arguably the most important karmic indicator in anyone’s chart – the nodal axis (which is square or ‘at the bends‘) with my Mercury/Neptune/Saturn conjunction.

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    Marijke Rambonnet

    Getting even more like a novel. Makes me aeger to read the rest!

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