Karmic Astrology (11)

In prior posts, I’ve investigated several different ways of astrologically identifying your past and future karma using invaluable information gained by attending workshops/retreats lead by Judy Hall many years ago. We’ve looked at the Sun, Moon, nodal axis, and karmic relationships (through synastry). Now it’s time to look at a completely different significator of astrological karma, the Draconic chart.

A Different Kettle of Fish 

Like the Tropical zodiac (developed in ancient Greece) used by western astrologers and the Sidereal zodiac (older than the hills) used by eastern astrologers, the Draconic zodiac is a method of assigning the planets (and other important points) to one of the twelve zodiac signs.

  • The Sidereal zodiac lines the planets up against the fixed stars or constellations. 
  • The Tropical zodiac (now 28 degrees out of sync with the Sidereal) is a moving target. It lines 0 degrees Aries up with the vernal equinox which, because of the earth’s wobble on its axis, shifts ever so slightly each year.
  • The Draconic (Dragon) zodiac is a completely different kettle of fish. Although based on the tropical zodiac, it realigns all planetary placements in keeping with the north lunar node (the dragon’s head). It is the cosmic dance of the two lunar nodes which plots the predictable point at which the moon will cross and crisscross the ecliptic (or the apparent path of the sun through the sky). 

Traditionally, the lunar nodes are more spiritually inclined than the rest of the planets/points; the north lunar node heralds your future, your destiny, whilst the south lunar node symbolises your past, as well as what’s holding you back.

The upside of this is that whilst both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs rely completely on the Sun’s movements, the Draconic captures the cyclical waltz between the Moon and the Sun. It is for this reason that the Draconic zodiac is believed to capture the essence of a soul (or higher self) incarnating into the earth plane as well as documenting the karmic strengths and weaknesses through multiple incarnations (rather like the Akashic Records).

Destiny Calling

Where the tropical natal chart and the draconic charts intersect, there’s much information to be gained; in essence, this is destiny calling.

As you can see, the structure of the chart (natal chart on the inside and draconic, the outer wheel) remains the same but the planets and angles will have changed sign. In my Draconic chart, my Tropical Sun has shifted from Libra to Sagittarius. Indeed, although using the traditional western Tropical zodiac, my chart is primarily air (6 planets), using the Draconic zodiac, it is primarily fire (6 planets)- Leo and Sagittarius.

This suggests that once upon a time, I was spirited and full of trust in myself and my intuition but at some point in my karmic journey, I lost faith in myself and my direction, my connection with divinity (Draconic Chiron, the wound of the soul in the 9th house). As the result, I developed an obsequious tendency to give over to the needs and wants of others. In essence, this became ‘who I am’ (Draconic South Node in Libra conjunct my natal Sun in Libra). You might say that I sacrificed myself – my solar essence – to keep the peace. That probably isn’t far from wrong, from what I’ve experienced in this, my present, incarnation.

Nevertheless, a firm Leonine appreciation of ‘self’ and my personal creative spark is a unique karmic gift during this lifetime. This is shown by my natal Pluto in Leo close contact to my Draconic Jupiter in Leo – both in my natal 2nd house.

I might well have gotten carried away with a desire for power as the result of my learning and wisdom (all those draconic planets in Sagittarius in my natal 6th house of service and healing) and preserving my reputation as grounded and practical wise woman/healer (draconic MC in Taurus), but I have the opportunity in this lifetime to reclaim that gift.

Often these opportunities comes as the result of transits to the natal chart and I can only hope that when transmitting Pluto conjuncts my natal North Node at 29 Capricorn (mean node) in 2023, I’ll make serious progress on achieving the authority and respect that I’m meant to achieve during this lifetime.

As my draconic Pluto at 23 Libra is intimately connected with what I consider to be my communication karma (Mercury/Neptune/Saturn in Libra), I am hopeful that the Pluto transit to my natal North Node in 2023-2024 will finally see one of the novels that I’ve written published (i.e., I will be heard!).

Further, the reason that I started this series of blog posts on karmic astrology was because I was having some serious troubles with my karma (psychic attack – yes, WOW – look, I’d never have believed it either before this – but it actually did happen – even my husband and cat got the message something weird has been going ‘bump in the night’ for me for the last couple months – although the two dogs seem oblivious). I am trusting that karmic blockages holding back ‘being heard’ are now being cleared both by my own efforts and especially those of two very gift healers.

I’d hoped to be able to see this clearing of the blockage (as well as the reason/source of the attack) either my natal or draconic chart or both, but I haven’t.

Or, rather, let’s rephrase that – although years ago I had transiting Neptune square my natal Neptune (i.e. the life is one big soppy mess), I’m currently getting transiting Neptune square my draconic Neptune (in Sagittarius). OK, well, I did say that Neptune is the lynchpin in my communication karma – so who knows right? Life is again on big soppy – – psychic – mess – but on a completely different level – fingers crossed, handled correctly, Neptune can be immensely healing.

Time will tell.

(to be continued)

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