Be forewarned – it’s a Seven of Swords Day

The good news is the sun is still in Gemini.

Slightly less good news is that the moon and Mercury are there with it.  This is the triple whammy of mutable air.[1] Thus today and tomorrow are Seven of Swords days.

On a divinatory level, the Seven of Swords heralds a time when to achieve your goals it’s necessary to use guile, tact, diplomacy, and wit rather than the more usual strong-armed approach.  In other words, attack your problem laterally rather than head-on.

In some circles, the Seven of Swords smacks of questionable ethics – i.e. ends justify means.   In part this is true, because the intellect (represented by swords) when devoid as it is of feelings, can be very cold and manipulative indeed.

Yet when the energy of Seven of Swords is applied with a playful creativity, you might just come up with a workable solution to a problem for which previously there had been none.  Indeed, this is quite likely as seven is the number of victory; it heralds just rewards for hard work.

However to succeed with this energy you must take certain precautions.

For the Kabbalist, the secret name for the Seven of Swords is “Unstable Effort”, and indeed with all tarot ‘sevens’, you will certainly stir up some conflict.  The point is that you must be prepared to deal with this openly and honestly.  To do otherwise would be to slip into the dark side of this energy – a place you do not want to be.

But nonetheless, if on a Seven of Swords day you defend your position with conviction, courage, and clarity, you can expect to succeed in your goal.


[1] Each of the four astrological elements (earth, air, water, and fire) presents itself in the zodiac in one of three modalities or ways of being – cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

The modalities work as follows: in cardinal mode, the energy first forms and presents itself – usually with a forthright bang.  In fixed, the energy holds steady.  It’s just what the package says – fixed – stable – unmoving as a brick wall.  In mutable the energy disintegrates and disperses – getting ready for cycle to repeat again and again.

For example, the element of fire in Aries is cardinal – bright and strong with intent, energy, and little or no control (have you ever known an Aries to stand still for long?).  In Leo (fixed fire) the energy is controlled and steady like the hearth fire, which warms us and cooks our food.  In Sagittarius (mutual fire) the energy is scattered as sparks from the fire, spiralling outwards and upwards until it melts away in the great beyond.

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