Today is a Six of Wands Day – that’s right – lots of hot air!

With the sun in Gemini (air) and the moon in Leo (fire) it’s a Six of Wands day. When fire and air combine, you get just what you might think – lots of hot air.

A Six of Wands day may find you soaring to new heights through a well deserved pat on the back or maybe even a promotion.

Equally however, you might just get kick in the face for excessive pride.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy puts us smack in the middle of the Tree – in the sixth sephira, Tiferet, the place of the heart. Tiferet is where the higher, lighter energies from the top of the Tree (soul) meet with the richer, darker energies from the lower (ego). Tiferet is where we come face to face with our humanity – warts and all.

To make the best of today’s energy, take yourself and your ‘accomplishments’ with a grain of salt. Of course you deserve acknowledgement for all your hard work. Don’t we all?

But in modern Western cosmology while soul tends to soft peddle, the ego drives hard. Ego has very specific needs and desires. Ego is very demanding. Ego makes lots of noise.

In Tiferet we’re encouraged to put aside ego for a time in order to make room for soul. This isn’t as easy as it might sound.

And so with the Six of Wands, we discover that while success feels fantastic – it is indeed fleeting or worse  – for at the end of the day, despite being rewarded for our efforts, we’re still faced with a lot of hard work.

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