The challenge of the new moon in Leo – Look inside instead of automatically following the rules!

The Sabian Symbol for today’s new moon is Leo 18 – A Teacher in Chemistry.

This throws the spotlight on the popular notion that we can control our world through science and similar intellectualization.  We’re encouraged to believe there’s no limit to our creative abilities.   Given proper instruction on ‘how things really work’, not only can we control the course of our own lives but also that of Mother Nature.

However we only have to witness the devastation of a hurricane, forest fire, or even a volcanic ash cloud to realise this simply is NOT true.  Nor in many cases is it even desirable.  As the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has well illustrated – the most sophisticated man-made technology can make – but not fix – disasters far worse than anything Mother Nature throws our way.

The good news is that all new moons give us a chance to make things different.  They provide a proverbial fresh start in those areas governed by the zodiac sign in which they occur.

With the new moon in Leo, both the sun and the moon are in astrological element of fire.  Light a match to experience first hand the enthusiastic, out-going energy of fire.  Watch carefully as it consumes everything in its wake as it lights the way.

This is perfectly normal.  By its nature fire is meant to both consume and transform.  Yet in Leo, fire’s outward advance is kept in check by the force of the fixed cross – which is just as it sounds – fixed – unmoving as a brick wall.

Without a proper outlet, leonine fire turns inward – it’s natural confidence eroded and undermined.  It’s as if the torch normally kept focused on the world around us is turned instead on depths of our unconscious –  from which according to Carl Jung –  all things manifest must unfold.

The challenge of the new moon in Leo is not to feel threatened when confronted with things you’d really rather not see – especially when they’re about yourself.

Instead have confidence in your instinctual reading of a situation – this time act on insight instead of dogma.  Remember that regardless of what science says, nothing (not even Mother Nature) always plays ‘by the rules’.  Find a new way of being and doing – and while you’re at it  – teach someone else to do the same.

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