Give Peace a Chance/Working with Saturn/Venus Contacts

A successful romantic relationship needs cement to hold it together.

One type of long-lasting cement is a (synastry) contact between one partner’s Saturn and the other partner’s  Moon.  This was the topic of yesterday’s post.

Another is a (synastry) contact between one partner’s  Saturn and the other partner’s Venus.

However, Venus and the Moon do not behave the same.

While the Moon relates through emotional bonding, Venus relates through differentiation of self and other.  Opposites attract.  Although the Moon needs acceptance in relationships, Venus needs someone to validate her self-worth.

At best, Venusian based relationships promote pleasure and sensual gratification.  They bring beauty and colour to your life.  At worst, however, they promote jealousy, self-indulgence, and conflict.

A typical scenario might be as follows:

While Venus sparkles in the social limelight, Saturn sulks.  Although Saturn admires the charm and grace with which Venus expresses her personality, it annoys him.  Her very existence reminds him of his saturnine clumsiness and ineptitude.

He puts her down.

She flirts to compensate.

He gets jealous and controlling.

As she distances herself, his ego gets bruised.

She becomes even more vain.

As the initial affection they once felt for each other ebbs away, both partners become more and more unhappy.  Yet at the same time, they feel duty bound to stay together for financial, family, or religious reasons.

Of course it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you both are able to confront the truth, you could raise your relationship from one of frustration and dependency to that of mutual cooperation and friendship.

For example, Yoko Ono’s Venus squared John Lennon’s Saturn by a 0 degree orb.   It’s well documented that Yoko’s fun-loving approach to life made John’s life harder.  Yet they persevered and made something together, of which they could both be proud.  John and Yoko’s relationship was extremely controversial when it began more than forty five years ago.  It remains so to this day.

The key point to remember with a Saturn/Venus relationship is that no matter whatever else happens, it remains.  So if you’re going to be in this for the long-term then, why not at least give peace a chance?

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