An Intimate Dance by the Saturnine Light of the Moon

For a successful romantic relationship, you need cement to hold it together.

One long-lasting cement is a (synastry) contact between one partner’s Saturn and the other’s Moon.  But be forewarned, longer isn’t better unless you work to make it so.  So here’s the deal.

The astrological Moon relates through mutual benefit and dependence.

Therefore, lunar-based relationships can withstand aging and sickness –albeit at the expense of separation and growth.  At best, these relationships are protective, fostering sensitivity and unconditional love.  At worst, they are clingy, claustrophobic, and emotionally manipulative in their bid to avoid that which the Moon partner fears most – rejection.

Astrological Saturn gives us backbone and determination to succeed.   Yet Saturn also is our point of greatest vulnerability.  This is where we feel most ineffective, frustrated, and scared.  When Saturn functions well in our chart, setbacks and challenges make us stronger.  When it doesn’t, he gets resentful, critical, and withdrawn.

Relationships with Saturn/Moon contacts have a compulsive quality whereby the Moon partner is instinctively protective of the Saturn partner’s deepest wounds.  This may sound fantastic.   But all too often the Saturn partner responds with irritation and resentment.  Instinctively, he becomes defensive against his Moon partner, who knows his emotional  ‘buttons’ all too well.

Wounded (and emotionally needy herself), the Moon person pushes closer.

Feeling even more threatened, the Saturn partner further withdraws – while at the same time craving the emotional support the Moon person is offering.  Imagine the internal turmoil – yet the last thing to which Saturn can admit is being in pain.

And so the dance of intimacy continues with the Moon and Saturn partners operating at cross-purposes – each with the tenacity of a bulldog.  It’s rather like Jackie Gleason’s 1950’s classic comedy – the Honeymooners – where Ralph and Alice Kramden grow old together mercilessly picking on each other.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

With insight and cooperation on the part of both of you, this synastry aspect can create a powerful and meaningful bond in which both feel valued and supported.  The first step is to realize what’s going on beneath the scenes.  Knowledge is power so armed with the birthdate of your partner and yourself, check out your synastry contacts for free at

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