Enjoy the Garden of Eden – Today is an Ace of Coins

With the upcoming new moon in Taurus, today is an Ace of Coins day.

In the Kabbalah, all the aces belong to Kether which is the topmost sefira on the Tree.  It’s from Kether that all creation arises and, because of its correspondence to the crown chakra, it is the point through which divine energy enters your body.

Literally, Kabbalah means ‘receiving’.  It’s the study of how you receive fulfilment in your life.  On an Ace of Coins day, you are about to receive something big.  The gift of Coins is nothing less than that of incarnation and materiality.

Contrary to popular belief this does not necessarily mean financial riches – although in certain circumstances – it might do.

Instead, the Ace of Coins promises luck and success in all your spiritual and material comings and goings – whatever they may be.

When dealing with this energy,  it’s worth remembering that in the Judeo-Christian religion the first gift from God was the Garden of Eden.  Indeed in many versions of the tarot deck, the Ace of Coins is represented by a garden brimming with red roses and white lilies.

What a wonderful gift –  an earthly paradise in which to wander  – where green grass grows and blue waters flow and the sparkling stars come out each night.  This paradise is your birthright as well as your home.  Yet if you fail to take proper care of it, you could find yourself quite literally – like Adam and Eve – out in the cold.

So on a Ace of Coins day, take time out to consider the material resources available to you and yours as well as to honour that from which they emanate.  It also wouldn’t hurt to consider what you need to do to ensure that these blessings remain forever yours to enjoy.

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