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Looking for God Through Astrology

Remember that every planet represented in your chart, was once a god or goddess in his or her own right.

And all you wanted was a good ghost story…

Instead of fearing loss of meaning as did our forefathers, post-moderns fear loss of touch with reality. Makes perfect sense in today’s world where entertainment, information, and communication technologies provide experiences more intense – and gratifying – than RL or ‘real life’.

The Pinch of Pisces

Not only has post humanism made redundant our most fundamental assumption that God is superior to man but also that man is in turn superior to nature. This leaves nothing left but nature and the funny thing is that the distinctions were all manmade in the first place.

Enjoy the Garden of Eden – Today is an Ace of Coins

When dealing with this energy, it pays to remember that in the Judeo-Christian religion, the first gift from God was the Garden of Eden

The Astrological Houses of Air & The Word of God

It is in air houses (3rd, 7th, and the 11th), that you manifest your ideas even if you are often disappointed when they don’t accord with ‘reality’.

Astrological oppositions & the Gateway to the Garden of Eden

What I’m going to do is split every single one of them into two halves (regarding Zeus’ solution to the overambitious human androgynies, Plato, Symposium) Astrological oppositions are dynamic.   They pull us off balance to catch our attention.  They force growth.  They require psychological projection, conflict & challenge, confrontation, and finally (hopefully) compromise.  Apparently there is no way to avoid oppositions.  Like castor oil, … Read More Astrological oppositions & the Gateway to the Garden of Eden

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