What if Greece goes Bankrupt? Astrology suggests this might be for the Best!

What if Greece were to go bankrupt?  Astrology suggests this might well be for the best.

Using the Greek national chart of 13 January 1822 (based on the date of Greece’s Independence declaration from the Turks), we find that since 2010, transiting Pluto has been putting direct pressure on Greece’s natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

According to Liz Greene (The Outer Planets & Their Cycles, CRS Publications, Sebastopol, CA, 1996, pp 63-64) , Uranus/Neptune represents  ‘… the fantasy of the perfect state which is like a benign mother-god taking care of each individual and free of greed and aggression.’   Liz further suggests that with this conjunction the political system is really a religious vision.

Enter Pluto.

Pluto is about natural evolution.

Pluto is the Great Goddess ‘Necessity’; ignore her at your peril.

Pluto means survival of the fittest.

The Greeks have nothing to fear from Pluto if they’ve been dealing honesty with themselves by weeding out the deadwood as they’ve gone along.  But if they haven’t, then anything past its ‘sell-by’ date will be swept away.  If they fail to let go gracefully, Pluto will rape, steal, and pillage.  Pluto is an outlaw.  Pluto isn’t pretty.

To my mind, this suggests that Greece’s problems have little to do with finances and debt and getting these under control.  Instead, it has everything to do with changing the unrealistic expectations of a society which had become accustomed to a vision of  ‘Messiah’ in the form of a government that will be all things to all people.

Another EU financial bailout would only perpetuate this delusion a bit longer.

It’s time to let Pluto have her way.


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