Today is a Phlegmatic/Sanguine Day

humorsWith the Sun in Cancer (cold/wet) and the Moon moving into Libra (hot/wet), the next two days Phlegmatic/Sanguine days.

Humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by Empedocles, Hippocrates, and Galen. The idea is that there are four blocks or ‘roots’ of the material world with shared qualities resulting in certain physiological and psychological manifestations:

Fire Hot/dry Yellow Bile Choleric
Earth Cold/dry Black Bile Melancholic
Water Cold/wet Phlegm Phlegmatic
Air Hot/wet Blood Sanguin

It should come as little surprise that humoural theory found its way into astrology most notably with Ptolemy – and so the astrological sign Cancer is associated with Water (cold/wet) and Libra with Air (Hot/Wet).

In his 16th century translation of Galen’s Art of Physick, Nicholas Culpeper very helpfully complied descriptions of combined temperaments advising that the condition of the Phlegmatic/Sanguine is ‘so-so’neither very liberal nor very covetous not very idle nor much employed – neither very merry not very sad; rather more fearful than valiant.humor theory

So-so – neither this – nor that – sums up the prevailing energy of the day and this is because the Sun which is by nature hot/dry is now in the opposite – cold/wet and the Moon which is by nature cold/wet is now also out of sorts being hot/wet instead. For those familiar with astrology, you will know that Cancer and Libra are in square aspect with each other (90 degrees away) so today might rather feel like trying fit that square into a round hole – frustrating – but only so-so.

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