Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic/Sanguine – but take heart!

With the Sun in Cancer (cold/wet) and the Moon in Aquarius (hot/wet) it’s going to be a Phlegmatic/Sanguine couple of days.

You may recall that humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by Empedocles, Hippocrates, and Galen – it’s all to do with the four blocks or ‘roots’ of the material world that manifest in certain humours and their related temperaments:

Fire Hot/dry Yellow Bile Choleric
Earth Cold/dry Black Bile Melancholic
Water Cold/wet Phlegm Phlegmatic
Air Hot/wet Blood Sanguine

Often we experience various combinations of the four humours resulting in mixed temperaments – the more balanced between the four humours – the better and the good news is that with this one, it won’t be hard to get it right.

About a week ago, when the Moon was in Libra we also had Phlegmatic/Sanguine energy – and according to his 16th century translation of Galen’s Art of Physick, Nicholas Culpeper advised that such energy was frustrating – but only so-so.

If you will also recall, Libra was in square aspect (90 degrees) to Cancer. Even more importantly, both energies were cardinal   – representing a direct, unrestrained outpouring of energy in keeping with the change of seasons – the cross-quarter days of the summer equinox (Cancer) and vernal equinox (Libra).cross quarter days

The relationship between Aquarius and Cancer is different; although Cancer remains cardinal, Aquarius is fixed in the sense that it preserves the balance. In terms of the Jungian Functions, Aquarius (air) represents the thinking function and so when Cancer (feeling function) overwhelms (as it is apt to do), you can drop back, re-group, and gather much needed perspective.

No longer feeling pushed/pulled by the energies around you, you can now take a decision and stick with it – that’s what fixed energy like Aquarius is all about.

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