Using tomorrow’s Total Solar Eclipse to your best advantage

Tomorrow, 9 March 2016, at 2 AM GMT (London), there is a total eclipse of the Sun.

As you probably know, this means that the Moon  passes between the Sun and Earth and hence completely blocks our view of the Sun.

You probably also know that most calendar years have four eclipses, two of which must be solar eclipses and whilst total solar eclipses are not exactly rare (approximately once every 18 months a total solar eclipse is visible from some place on Earth), they do tend to attract a good deal of attention.

eclipse-traditions1Astrologers view eclipses as a release of pent up energy that shakes us out of our everyday complacency and gets us up and running again.  Because the Moon is associated with the unconscious and the Sun with the conscious, a total solar eclipse (when the conscious is completely blotted out by the unconscious), offers a perfect opportunity to undertake some housekeeping in regards to your personal unconscious.

Tomorrow’s eclipse occurs at 18 Pisces 56. So for those of you with planets or sensitive areas in your charts at this degree (and/or about 19 Virgo, 19 Gemini, or 19 Sagittarius), you might expect your daily (unconscious) routine to be quite shaken up.

But everyone can positively utilise the energy released by this eclipse to reset his or her personal intentions. The Sabian symbol (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr Marc Edmund Jones) for 19 Pisces, offers assistance as follows :

A master instructing his pupil:

  • Unlimited potential
  • Self-refinement of human intelligence
  • Enjoy & employ the privileges and bounties of life allotted to you
  • Personality comes into its own to direct destiny
  • Careful direction through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight
  • AVOID the tendency to live by rules forged by the conceit of empty knowledge.

To release unconscious behavioral patterns working against reaching your unlimited potential, you first need to accept that they exist. Next, accept that as the creator of these patterns, you can eliminate them and that in doing so, you will be able to consciously direct the privileges and bounties allotted to you in order to reach your unlimited potential. During this eclipse, honestly identify unconscious behavioural pattern that you think may be getting in your way and write them down on a piece of paper. Each day for the next seven days, study your paper whilst making specific plans as how to eliminate these unwanted patterns. If you like, you may also light a white candle and/or chant “Blow wind blow, blow a path for me. Make it clear and straight so the future I can see.”

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