Composite Venus Conjunct Composite Uranus


The composite chart is created by taking the midpoint between pairs of each of two person’s natal planets (in this case Venus and Uranus) and using them to create a third, new chart. The composite chart is not the same as synastry, which examines hovectorstock_935165w one person impacts the other. Instead the composite chart represents the relationship as a whole giving insight into the dynamics upon which it, as a relationship, functions.

Composite Venus reflects the power of attraction between parties to a relationship as well as the ideals which the relationship is meant to express. Venus operates by differentiation; this is X and that is Y and one is so much better than the other is it not? Venus involves expectations, merit, reward. Hence the placement of composite Venus in the chart symbolises how the relationship contributes to each party to the relationship finding his or her worth through differentiating self from other.

Uranus is the planet of the unconventional, the unusual. Composite Uranus not only suggests an unorthodox relationship, but also one that requires everyone to maintain a flexible attitude.  With composite Uranus/Venus one size does not fit all and quite honestly,  you wouldn’t want it to. Keep in mind, however, that Uranus is also associated with rebellions and revolutions and so the composite Uranus suggests there is something seditious in the message this relationship delivers to the established order.

Thus Composite Venus conjunct composite Uranus is intrinsically involved with the way each of the parties to the relationship achieves his/her individual merit, reward, and self-worth in respect of an unconventional, rebellious relationship. A relationship like this necessarily shakes everyone’s established ideas about relationships and that’s exactly what it’s meant to achieve. It also provides each of the parties to the relationship with new and exciting ways to express him or herself through relationship.  That is X but my relationship and me are Y and Y is so much better!images-2

Advice: This relationship necessarily changes the lives of all parties involved but whether for better or worse, is impossible to say. The key to making it a success is to allow it to establish its own ebb and flow. Attempts to squeeze this relationship in a pre-established mould will kill it. Be open, honest, as well as enthusiastic. Remember that this relationship is all about expressing ideals rather than representing reality. Give yourselves the freedom to go with the flow.

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