Astrologically, can Bernie Sanders make it to president?

Executive Summary

Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success depending on the location and condition of Sun and Moon and their ‘attendants. Although Sander’s Moon is masculine, it does not have an array of strong attendants. On the other hand, although his Sun is in a feminine sign, it does have strong attendants and some of those attendants (Mars and Venus) are extremely strong in their dignity.images-1

Unfortunately, without an accurate birth time, we cannot know his chart’s angles.This leaves us unable to complete the assessment solely in terms of Ptolemy. Certainly, given his proven political track record we know he reaches the level of Governor or Commander. However if the given birth time were to be accurate, we would be able to say that with a four planets angular, Sanders would be in the position to attain the level of Chieftain.

At least using modern astrology, we can definitely say that Sanders has a deep, emotional commitment to the ideals underlying his political crusade. We can also be certain that whilst his words have genuine power in an absolute sense, Bernie Sanders absolutely means every word that he says.

Ptolemy Basics

imagesPtolemy identified six levels of fame/success:

  1. Kings & Princes

Both luminaries in masculine signs and at least one of them to be found in an angle. This alone is pretty good. However – as well, they (both) be attended by a doryphory (including rays) composed of all five planets – then this is REAL GOOD. In addition, this rank is helped if the planets in the doryphories are also in the angles or configured with the MC.

  1. Chieftain

The Sun only masculine with the Moon feminine and only one of them in an angle. If both, however, have good doryphories as described above, then the person will reach chieftain level, with the power to judge life and death. NOTE – a good doryphory has benefics in good shape or on angles (or ruling them).

  1. Governor or Commander

If the natal chart has the luminaries as for a Chieftain but the doryphories do not involve the angles, these people will not be invested with sovereignty, but will reach eminence.

  1. Civil Leader

If neither of the luminaries be in the angles, but both have good doryphories which are in the angles or ruling the angles, they will have a leadership role in their community. Councilor, President of a club, Mayor of a small town and so on.

  1. Undistinguished

If neither luminary is in an angle (Sun still masculine and Moon feminine), and the attending planets are not involved with the angles by placement or ruler-ship, then the person will lead a humble life.

  1. Lowest Level

If neither luminary be found in a masculine sign, nor in an angle, nor attended by any benefics they will live lives of “quiet desperation” and obscurity.


Analysis of Sanders

How does Bernie Sanders stack up?Sanders

  • With Sun at 15 Virgo and the Moon at 19 Aries, only the Moon is in a masculine sign. Because the indicated birth time of 12:27 PM is not reliable, there is no way to determine the angles with accuracy and hence we are formally constrained to only look at dignities, sect being not determinable. The Moon is undignified as is the Sun. There is no way to determine the chart ruler. Good but could be better.
  • Sun in Virgo not only indicates a person exceedingly practiced and expert, teaching many things and giving orders, but also a learned man who is capable of academic debate and also aware of celestial matters.
  • With the Moon at 19 Aries and in the terms of Mercury, not only will Sanders be daring, but also he will gain honour because of his prudence. He is of good intellect and will become known for his word skills. He will gain honour through his ability to investigate situations.
  • Doryphory is an interesting technique focusing on the ‘retinue’ of helpers either of the two lights or luminaries (i.e. sun or moon) have in their ‘train’. The more planets in the retinue, the more helpers and if, additionally, those helpers were themselves strong the more help they could give. Imagine yourself a feudal lord trying to raise an army to fight a foe – the stronger and richer the neighbors (i.e. able to raise their own armies) you have supporting your cause, the more likely you were to succeed.
  • Note that when considering if a planet throws a ‘ray’ into the doryphory, benefics (Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun) can only do so by sextile or trine and the malefics (Saturn and Mars) can only do so by opposition or square.
  • Because the Sun’s retinue PRECEDES him, to determine Sander’s solar doryphory, we look at planets either in Virgo (15-30) and Libra.
    • Venus in Libra – dignified by rule ship and term – strong. Venus in Libra makes Sanders a protector of women. With Venus at 22 Libra in its own terms, not only will Sanders have honour and rank in his position in life, but he will receive many blessings through women.
    • Mercury in Libra – undignified but undamaged – ok. Mercury at 2 Libra is in the terms of Saturn and hence Sanders will not only gain work by writing, but also be a judge of people.
    • Mars in Aries casts a ray into Libra by opposition – this Mars is very strong in its sign of rulership. It is also dignified by term. From youth, this makes one glorious and outstanding. Sanders will be skilled and daring. With Mars at 23 Aries, it is in its own terms hence making Sanders exalted and glorified in the way of the sword.
    • Jupiter in Gemini casts a ray into Libra by trine – Jupiter is considered in fall and although not exactly damaged, most definitely is alternative in the sense of not being mainstream. This Jupiter, dignified by triplicity, suggests that Bernie will either conduct royal affairs or at least oversee estates. He not only has public employment but also is a proclaimer of laws. He is not only skilled but will live well, having the ability to earn a livelihood from negotiations.
  • Because the Moon’s doryphory FOLLOWS her, to determine Sander’s lunar doryphory, we look at planets in Aries (1-19) and Pisces.
    • Jupiter in Gemini casts a ray into Aries by sextile– although Jupiter is alternative, it isn’t damaged and so adds comfortably to the retinue.
  • A solar doryphory of four planets is excellent and at least two of them (Venus and Mars) are extremely powerful. This is very good.
  • A lunar doryphory of one planet is not very strong. Not good.



Without an accurate birth time, it is impossible to determine the angles and hence the formula devised by Ptolemy cannot be applied in totality. But we do know that Sanders has at least one luminary in a masculine sign. We also know that his Mars in Aries is an extremely powerful force  and his strong Venus in Libra makes him as charming as he is daring and committed.

Given Sander’s long – established political record, its is probably safe to suggest he is at least at the level of Governor or Commander.

Can he go all the way to president?

That depends. If Sanders can muster the vote of enough women, he might just pull it off.

Assume for a moment that the given birth time were to be accurate and so we could say that not only are his Sun and Saturn conjunct the angles, but also that his Mercury and Jupiter are in angular houses. This would give all four of these planets the power to push him to Chieftain.

Using post- Ptolemy (modern astrology), we also might suggest that not only is Sander’s political rhetoric extremely heart felt (Mars conjunct Moon), but also that he is a reformer par excellence (Aries loves nothing better than to fight for a worthy cause). With Pluto sextile his Mercury, his words have real power and if its one thing of which we can be certain, it’s that Sanders means what he says.




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