Making the most of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse

Tomorrow, 23 March 2016, at 11:48 AM GMT (London), there is a penumbral eclipse of the Moon.


As you probably know, this means that the (full) Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. A penumbral eclipse is where the Moon enters only the penumbral shadow of the earth and because it’s difficult to see, doesn’t often gather too much attention.

However, astrologers view every eclipse as a dramatic ‘wild card’ playing out someplace in our natal charts. Wherever this occurs, events will transpire in order to shake us out of our compliancy. With every eclipse something ends and something begins. But whilst solar eclipses tend to offer new opportunities, lunar eclipses tend to bring final endings.

Because tomorrow’s lunar eclipse occurs at 3 Libra 17, those with planets or sensitive areas of their charts at this degree (and/or also around 4 Aries, 4 Capricorn or 4 Cancer) might expect their lives to be shaken up, perhaps by memories and dreams, both good and bad, resurfacing. Because eclipses come in pairs (solar/lunar) and repeat in nearly exact degree and sign every 19 years, if this eclipse has special significance for you, then look back 19 years to get some sense of how it might again, manifest.


Everyone can make good use of the energy released with this eclipse and using the Sabian symbol (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr Marc Edmund Jones) for 4 Libra, I offer you the following:

A group around a campfire:

  • Group experience,Spiritual-Communion-Around-The-Campfire-1920-300x153
  • Realities broader than simple self-concern originate in common functions,
  • Every responsibility undertaken should become the expression of identity rather than one of divergence in interest,
  • Importance of building everyday morale in order to create social structures that further life objectives,
  • AVOID letting opportunities lazily drift away and idly depending on others.

Memories and dreams cloud judgment. Our path becomes more treacherous when succumbing to our fears. Yet even in the darkest hour, dawn is implicit and in order to fully take this on-board, we must learn to separate illusions from reality. This becomes much easier when we team up with like-minded others in order to accomplish common goals. Even the scariest and darkest of paths becomes more navigable when tread in the company of another.


During this lunar eclipse, prepare a cup of rose-hip tea and sit back in a comfy chair. Sip your tea whilst thinking about people with whom you’d do well to team up with; feel a surge of warm feelings going out to them knowing that this is a legitimate method of communication. Amiability (the quality of having a friendly, pleasant manner) is the name of this eclipse’s game. Contemplate how you can develop and express it.

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