A New Birth Time?

SH has always believed her birth time to be 15:00.

Now, she has a new birth time (21:00) and this one has the advantage in that it was blest by her mother.

The key differences?

New Chart Ruler

UntitledThe chart ruler (ruler of the Ascendant or rising sign) is vitally important – it sets the underlying theme of your personality.

Originally, SH’s chart ruler was Mars (Scorpio rising) which is located in Cancer closely conjunct Uranus. Mars represents the ‘urge to action’ – aka – ‘the fighting spirit’ – it does best in Aries or Capricorn where actions taken become concrete and visible. But in Cancer, Mars is underwater and the urge to action now tends toward passive aggression and covert emotional manipulation.  Mars so close to Uranus adds a sense of rebellious individualism – impatience, intolerance, and let’s be honest, an explosive temper. If this Mars were SH’s chart ruler, it would colour people’s impression of SH as someone who is emotional, high-strung, restless, daring, and experimental.


In her new chart, SH has Aquarius rising. This makes Saturn in Virgo her chart ruler. Saturn represents ambition – as well as the urge to consolidate, build, and assume (rightful) authority. SH’s Saturn is in Virgo conjunct the Moon and Venus. Although not in an ideal position, SH’s Saturn is in an earth sign where it can reasonably accomplish most of goals. In Virgo, Saturn is not only discriminating but practical – everything and everyone in its (natural) place. The problem is that  Saturn in Virgo often becomes anxious and frustrated as well as overly critical and harsh. Because Saturn is so close to the Moon, it could make SH too cautious as well as more prone to doom and gloom. Because Saturn is also so close to Venus, SH might well experience more than her fair share of disillusioned discontent and/or bitterness re: to her (romantic) relationships. She might also expect to suffer a generalised feeling of unhappiness and/or inability take pleasure from life.

Moon Changes Sign

Arguably, the Moon is the most important planet in that natal chart.

This is because we relate to life through our Moon – things, people, places, events simply will not exist for us unless we relate to them -i.e. to ‘connect with’ and become ‘conscious of’ them.

UnknownIn her original chart, SH’s Moon was  in Leo – making her perhaps a bit lazy, bossy, and the constant centre of attention; Moon in Leo has a sense of presence and drama – people with this placement are proud, have a strong sense of personal integrity, and are not keen to follow orders. But with her Moon in Virgo, as we have seen SH will not be tend to be out-going – nor will she be prone to that sense of presence and drama; although Moon is Virgo is not necessarily shy, it does need space to call its own – a safe place into which it will retreat when things get too chaotic. Fundamentally, the Moon in Leo and the Moon in Virgo are completely different – they have little or nothing in common – Leo will seek the spotlight whilst Virgo finds security in the shadows where it seeks not only to be of service to self and others but also to worry about health and general well-being.

Changed Results of Predictive Techniques

In addition to natal proclivities  as noted above, of key importance is the ability to see how someone will fare throughout his/her entire life. In this regard, my favourite predictive favourite techniques – that will have changed as the result of a new birth time – are as follows:

  1. Directing by Triplicity – In the original chart, the current period of SH’s life would have been ruled by Saturn which, as we have seen, is reasonably well-placed even if prone to being too critical. In the original chart, Saturn conjuncts the Midheaven, which would have given SH a better than average chance to manifest her fondest ambitions. However, with the new chart, this phase of SH’s life is ruled by the Moon in Virgo which (because it is conjunct to Saturn) as we have seen is prone to gloom and doom, caution and oversensitivy to criticism.
  2. Secondary Progressions – With this technique, the Moon is key as it moves by progression (every 2 ½ years) through each sign of the zodiac – thus placing our lives into successively new prospectives. The progressed Moon is also about emotionally rearranging our personal relationships with others. With her original chart, SH’s progressed Moon would be in Aquarius, fixed air – where – no matter how hard it tries – it just cannot get comfortable. In Aquarius, SH about abrupt connections/disconnects – everyone and everything appears much too impersonal. With her new chart, SH’s progressed Moon has just entered Pisces where it feels lost, alone, and disillusioned. With this placement, SH’s Neptunian longing for a ‘better life’ is activated even whilst she feels particularly unable to do much to achieve it.
  3. Transits – The Moon and chart angles (Ascendant/Descendant & Midheaven/ IC) are the only key points that will have changed significantly in regards to impact from current transits. Using her original chart, SH would now have been experiencing Uranus transiting by trine to her Moon – known for mood swings as well as domestic upheavals – an overall positive experience – rather like a breath of fresh air. SH would also have soon experienced transiting Neptune trine her Ascendent – known to promote a softer relationship with the world.  Likewise with her original chart, in December 2017, SH would have experienced transiting Jupiter conjunct her Ascendant – a fortunate time of increased opportunity and optimism. Instead, with her new chart, SH will experience transiting Jupiter in square aspect to her Ascendant  later this year – marking a time when her entire life path may be redefined, sending her heading off in a new direction.


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