Electional Astrology & the launch date of my new astrological coaching practice

Electional astrology is the art of choosing the ideal moment for a particular project or event; it focuses on a point of no return, a time of commitment from which I am unlikely to turn back.

The astrologer-magician, John Dee, elected the chart for Queen Elizabeth I’s coronation as well as the timing of the sailing of the Armada and we all know how well they both turned out. No chart is perfect. I understand that. But if in choosing the time to launch my new astrological coaching practice I can do half as well as Dee did, I’ll be pleased.


13th June 2017

15:00 BST

Oxford, UK


  1. Arguably, the placement of the Moon is most important factor in electional astrology – this is because she is the fastest moving planet in the chart and hence, key to issues of timing.
  2. The Moon should be angular so that she can be of maximum effect. Here the Moon is in the 4th house (angular) – strong at the very foundation or root of the chart/new coaching practice.
  3. This Moon is making an applying trine to Jupiter  – this aspect is favourable for starting new ventures as well as for dealing with influential people.
  4. After that, the Moon will make a trine to Mercury (good for work requiring ingenuity and flexibility) as well as making a trine to the Sun (also good for beginning new ventures, influencing important people, and seeking advancement).
  5. Upon reaching her trine with the Sun, the Moon will have formed Grand Trine in AIR (Sun, Moon, Jupiter). AIR = communication – i.e. the ability to stand back and dispassionately observe a situation – FANTASTIC because as I understand it, this is what coaching is all about.
  6. Modality of the angles – I’ve elected for cardinal signs (Libra/Aries on the ASC/DSC and Capricorn/Cancer on the IC/MC) – this is to get my practice up and moving as soon as possible – making the maximum impact in the shortest period of time.
  7. Strong chart ruler – with Libra rising, Venus is the chart-ruler and she is strong in Taurus, which she rules by sign and also by term. This lends a pleasing and diplomatic flavour to my practice – clients will feel welcome and fairly treated. How can that be anything other than good?
  8. Venus is Square to the Moon – traditionally this is favourable for sports and games as well as for marriage and hiring employees. I’ll be honest. There’s no connection here between that and my new coaching practice. However, it’s important that the chart ruler isn’t making any adverse aspects (especially to Saturn) which luckily, she is not. While it is true that Venus is making a Sextile to Mars (like Saturn, also a malefic), this ensures a good working relationship between me (7th house/Aries = Mars as ruler) and my clients (1st house/Libra = Venus as ruler).
  9. Jupiter on the Ascendant – adds an air of optimistic expansion to my new practice – which I figure is also good. Clients needs to see all possibilities before them before they can choose and the more positive they are about making that choice, the better that choice will likely turn out.launch and me
  10. Mercury and the Sun are both in Gemini – the zodiacal sign most associated with communication – with Mercury very strong in rulership (Gemini) – and also conjunct my own natal Moon at 13 Gemini! Note also that the Sun at 22 Gemini is conjunct my natal Jupiter (26 Gemini). Both ensuring that my personalised stamp will be on my new endeavour. Positive elements of Gemini include sharp intellect, maximum flexibility, eager and alert, excellent communicators, widely versed, sophistication with words.

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