Will my novel, Curve of Capricorn, be published if I do JB’s Bestseller Fiction Masterclass?


Overall – this is looking very positive – with some problems to be overcome (to be expected) but a favourable final outcome.

I would expect a publisher to come after my novel in about 9 months and that makes sense given that JB’s course finishes end in May 2018.

Interestingly, if it is true that publication is usually about 12 months after signing a publishing contract, this bit of good luck for me has already been predicted. Several years ago, Bernadette Brady used some great techniques suggesting that 2019 would be my year for publishing a novel. How neat is that?

Detailed Analysis

  • I am the querent and so with Libra rising, Venus (ruler of Libra) symbolises me. Venus in this chart is at 27 Virgo where technically, she ought not to be happy (she’s in fall). But my natal Venus is in Virgo and so I consider this a good omen – not only that, but with all the work ahead to get this novel up and running again – the highly detailed and sceptical nature of Virgo ought to serve me well.Will COC be published if I do JB course?.jpg
  • My novel is best ruled by the 3rd house and because Sagittarius is on the cusp, it is symbolised by Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. This suggests that my novel is neither in very good nor very bad shape. Because Jupiter is in sect (in same hemisphere as the Sun), the Liber Hermetis  predicts that my novel will be ‘honoured by magnates and kings’ and be ‘worthy of believing’. Unfortunately, however, because Jupiter (my novel) is in the terms of Mars, there will be trouble with the ‘make a million’ concept. Bestseller? Probably not.
  • Because the 9th house is traditionally associated with publishing, then with Gemini on the 9th house cusp, potential publishers will be symbolised by Mercury, the ruler of Gemini.
  • In order for my novel (Jupiter) to be published, both it (Jupiter) and the publisher (Mercury) must come together in a harmonious aspect. In this case, they are doing just that because Mercury (the faster planet) is applying to Jupiter for a conjunction. Mercury is 9 degrees away and this is in range (moiety) for these two planets. That Mercury must change sign prior to making the conjunction with Jupiter does not change the result although I like to think of this as symbolising that my novel will be very different after working with JB on the course for 6 months. That 9 degrees should translate roughly into 9 months which makes sense under the circumstances.
  • Of interest, is that Mercury at 21 Libra is in the same ‘degree’ as the lunar nodes (21 Aquarius/Leo). According to tradition, this signifies that the publisher in this instance is about to be involved in a ‘fateful’ event in regards to this horary question. This may or may not be unfortunate. But because Mercury is ‘combust’ (too close to the Sun), there is some suggestion that publisher may be ‘burned’  in some way.
  • Mercury is in the terms of Venus suggesting that a female publisher/agent might be best for my novel.
  • Finally, because the Moon is the overall symbol of how events as a whole will play out (past, present, future), we watch her movements with great interest:
    • Last aspect made by the Moon in this chart prior to asking the question was a trine with Jupiter which is good for new ventures and dealing with influential people. Looks like I was lucky to have been ‘chosen’ for this course?
    • Next aspect to be made will be a square with the Sun and it is NOT good for new undertakings and dealing with influential people. Hope I’ve made the right decision?
    • Next aspect made is a square with Mercury which is GOOD for study and sending messages as well as buying/selling with influential people. Sounding better.
    • Next aspect will be a sextile with Mars which is good for winning contests and arguments. All contracts require some haggling.
    • Final aspect is a sextile to Venus which is good for ‘marriage’ (i.e. partnership with a publisher) and financial matters in general.

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