Mercurial Implications for Coaching


  • presides over exchanges, barters, and communication. As the patron god of crossroads, he presides over connections of every kind,
  • is the god of thieves (the other side of the business deal),
  • although a god in his own right, he is the winged messenger of all the gods,
  • presides over every aspect of the alchemical process, turning lead into gold,
  • is the psychopomp, bringing that which lies hidden in the unconscious into consciousness.


Not surprising then, that Mercury governs the therapeutic process, dependant is it is on dialogue, transference, consciousness, and integration. Thus, when a counsellor is counselling or a coach is coaching, the primary astrological component he/she can expect to be in play re: his/her own natal chart will be his/her Mercury.


Mercury’s placement by element and sign:

  • suggests how your mind works – how you think, learn, perceive and digest experience. For example, are you intuitive (i.e. fire) or do you see life more through a detached, rational (i.e. air) lens?
  • describes how you communicate – i.e. exchange ideas and communicate. For example, do you blurt things out (i.e. Mercury in Aries) or are you naturally more guarded or secretive with your choice of words (i.e. Mercury in Scorpio),
  • indicates your primary concerns – what you are most likely to notice or pick up on. For example, Mercury in Libra may quickly notice possibilities for relationship while Mercury in Capricorn will tend to notice that which serve’s one’s career aims and ambitions.


th-1.jpegPlease note that house placement and aspects made by your Mercury to other planets in your chart will have a huge impact on how it operates.

Also, other factors in your chart will also have a role to play in your coaching activity.

Having said that, let’s take a look at what (based on element/sign) your Mercury suggests about your coaching style:



In general, Mercury in Fire signs does not like ‘facts’ which are usually not the ‘truth’ anyway. Mercury in Fire is intuitive and holistic, albeit not necessarily practical or logical. Mercury in Fire focuses on possibilities – where can things go from here. Mercury in Fire loves symbolism.

ARIES – quick off the mark – initiates and competes, leads, and arouses. The first one to try out new things. Generally, not interested in anyone’s feelings.


LEO – self-confident and self- assured – warm, bright, encouraging – makes things happen, tends toward exaggeration and has difficulties focusing on other than his/her own views and ideas. Not necessarily in touch with own feelings.


SAGITTARIUS – sparkles with optimism and adores spreading his/her ideas. Assumes the world is filled with meaning. Sometimes talks too much and often is emotionally evasive and defensive. Quickly grasps the bigger picture.






In general, Mercury in Air focuses on ideas. They conceptualise to make important social statements. Mercury in Air tends to be rational, logical, and organised. Mercury in Air tends to make plans not entirely dependent (or in sync with) physical realities.

GEMINI – Mercurial –simultaneous thoughts and impressions all at once – curious and experimental, open to new experiences and ideas. Lively (chatty) communicator with short attention span.


LIBRA – preoccupation with relationship and balance. Incisive and rational. Objective and (impractically) fair. Difficulty with resolution – there’s always so much more that could (should) be considered. Loves debate. Shies away from difficult emotions.


AQUARIUS – tends to live in own head. Preoccupation with right and wrong, should and should not. Visionary, utopian, rational, inspirational, just, and idealistic. Tendency towards reform although easily wedded to own ideas and perceptions. Often, ‘truth’ (whatever than means) comes before social acceptability. Self-reflective and usually unemotional.






In general, Mercury in Earth tends to relate best to sensual and material realties. Mercury in Earth tends to be practical in its ability to connect any particular situation to the here and now. Mercury in Earth can struggle with gaining insight from things not made obviously manifest.

TAURUS – slow off the mark and reluctant to commit or comment. Very concrete. Inclined to notice and focus on importance of values such as safety, comfort, and security. Stubborn re: change.


VIRGO – needs time to digest and (re) consider – very discriminating (potentially myopic) and practical. Quick to pick up on and point out both good and bad points especially about health and work issues.


CAPRICORN – practical and organised, down to earth. Plodding but ambitious and persevering – rather like the tortoise in his race against the hare. Known more for hard work than optimism. Tendency to be cautious and wary. Dry wit and dark humour.








In general, Mercury in Water is emotionally intelligent with a way of ‘knowing’ things that may or may not have been manifestly said. Mercury in Water tends to remain tied into the rhythms and cycles of life as well as to other people’s emotions. There’s also a tendency for Mercury in Water to focus on ‘shared history’ – they do best with others with whom they feel emotionally connected.

CANCER – subjective and depending on mood, can easily pick up on – or completely miss – that which is going on around them. Persuasive. Instinctively knows what to say – focus on survival needs – jobs, security, food.


SCORPIO – strategic and probing – looks for motivation – believes there are always strings attached. Cautious and circumspect. Instinctively distrustful. In touch with the unconscious, this is Mercury in his Psychopomp hat.


PISCES – perceptive, emotional, contradictory. Can have problems with boundaries. Creative, intuitive (if not telepathic), as well as secretive. Scattered thinking a real possibility yet observations are often of highest accuracy and clarity. Focused on the seriously bigger picture.


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