Lunar Implications for Coaching

The first step in coaching practice is to create a holding container or space where clients feel safe and secure enough to explore themselves and their situation.

In order to accomplish this, the coach must first feel safe and secure in his or her own container or space.

Astrologically, the ability feel safe and secure is most aptly represented by one’s natal Moon.

th.jpegThe Moon’s placement by sign:

  • Suggests what you need to feel safe and satisfied,
  • Indicates how you ‘nurture’ self and others,
  • Describes your feeling nature – how you interact with your environment and instinctively react to events or changes,
  • Shows where you seek comfort and security when feeling anxious or threatened.

Keep in mind that there are many factors in your chart that will have an impact on how you approach your coaching activities.

But when it comes to ‘holding space’ – creating that safe and supported environment for your clients –  the zodiac sign in which your Moon is located, will reveal much about how you approach this task.

Equally, the sign in which your client’s Moon is located will describe much of what he or she needs to feel safe and supported and how he or she is most likely to react when he or she doesn’t.


Needs to be constantly ‘doing’  – preoccupied with finding a worthy challenge or other avenue to self-gratification – tendency to be pushy, impulsive – even reckless – when threatened, likely to be provocative and argumentative. Potential place of sanctuary – a sports stadium, battlefield, or boxing match.


Needs to be noticed, admired, and appreciated – preoccupied with one-upsmanship (“I can do it better than you can”) – tendency to be generous and loyal –  the ‘life of the party’ – when threatened, can quickly become the quintessential ‘drama queen’. Potential place of sanctuary – a party, playground, or theatre.


Needs everything to be light and lively – preoccupied with travel and finding adventure  – tendency to teach/preach and share ideas – gregarious – when threatened can become arrogant and haughty. Potential place of sanctuary – a university, church, airport, or courthouse.


Needs constant stimulation (chaotic and curious) – preoccupied with drawing conclusions and making connections –  tendency to be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’  – scattered – when threatened, can become gossipy (even traitorous) and cynical. Potential place of sanctuary – a classroom, newsroom, or bookstore.


Needs to be pleasing and harmonious – preoccupied with attractive surroundings – tendency to redress imbalances – play ‘devil’s advocate’ – when threatened can be critical and judgemental – especially when there appears there is no way to be ‘liked’. Potential place of sanctuary – an art gallery, interior design centre, or beauty salon.


Needs to learn and discover – preoccupied with what makes people tick – tendency to spout own views and beliefs as ‘the truth’ – especially when it comes to politics – when threatened, likely to become disruptive and/or seek an abrupt change of scenery. Potential place of sanctuary – convention hall, conference room, political rally.


Needs to feel physically safe and comfortable – preoccupied with retaining control – tendency toward possessiveness – ‘what’s yours is mine but not vice versa’ – when threatened, can become vengeful especially if feeling betrayed. Potential place of sanctuary – a restaurant, farm, or massage parlour.


Needs to feel useful and productive – preoccupied with health and well-being – tendency to feel nervous or ill-at-ease when everything is not ‘just so’ – when threatened, can become supersensitive and highly critical. Potential place of sanctuary – the workplace, health clinic, lab, employment agency.


Needs structure and boundaries – preoccupied with clear-cut guidelines and rules – tendency to feel responsible and do his/her duty – when threatened, takes up the drawbridge and retreats behind the castle walls. Potential place of sanctuary – the corporate boardroom, top of a mountain, or in a walled (well-tended) garden.


Needs to feel emotionally connected with everyone – like a chameleon, instinctively blends in to his environment – tendency to take up role of caretaker – “Here, have my homemade chicken soup.’ When threatened, clams up  and/or gets seriously  annoyed. Potential place of sanctuary – home or museum.


Needs to keep a close watch on the situation – like a sharp-eyed eagle, always on guard – tendency not to reveal underlying motivations but anxious to fully comprehend those of others – when threatened, can provoke ‘crisis’ as smokescreen. Potential place of sanctuary – a trauma centre, operating theatre, or brothel.


Needs to be in a sympathetic, understanding environment – preoccupied with helping others – tendency to fantasize and day dream – when threatened, melts down and/or disappears.  Potential place of sanctuary – rest home, bar, or spiritual retreat.

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