Writerly Promise

In considering whether or not to return to my long-abandoned writerly aspirations, I’ve done some research regarding the astrological indicators that statistically have proven best for successful novelists.

  • Key are Mercury and Venus, with Venus winning hands down for novelists. Her preferred zodiac sign is Taurus and her preferred location is on or close to the Ascendant. 
  • Mercury, a good indicator for journalists, does well in Capricorn and Aries and wants close contact with Jupiter and/or the Ascendant. 
  • Virgo and Gemini also seem to be important for successful writers like Agatha Christie and Stephen King. But there’s no statistical evidence (apparently) to support this.
  • A strong emphasis of 3rd house (communication) planets also helps with the ability to express oneself well; novelists in this category are Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Margaret Michell. 

Where do I fit in?

Although there’s no apparent statistical evidence, Mercury in Libra (which I have) is great for artistic, poetic flair such as with Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. My stellium in Libra (Mercury/Saturn/Neptune) also has promise. Even though my Mercury and Venus are not forming an aspect with each other, they are in mutual reception (Venus in Virgo is in the sign ruled by Mercury and Venus rules Libra). That’s a huge help. Likewise, my Moon in the 12th house and Cancer rising denote a vivid and sensitive imagination

For luck in having my work published, I would want connections between Mercury and the 3rd house. Although I could use more, at least I do have with that mutual reception with Venus in Virgo ( 3rd house) and Mercury in Libra.

Pity, I don’t have any planets in my 9th house. But my Mercury is in reception with my Jupiter in Gemini, although such reception is not mutual. Finally, although I’ve no planets on my MC in Pisces, there is a connection (by rulership) with both Jupiter and Neptune (part of my Libran stellium).

Overall, there is promise for writing lovely and entertaining copy but certainly nothing suggesting that I’ll make a fortune as a novelist – but then again making money isn’t everything, is it?

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