It’s a Four of Cups Day – Beware too much of a good thing

With the sun in Cancer (feelings) and the moon in Pisces (divine discontent), today and tomorrow are Four of Cups days.

On a divinatory level, a Four of Cups day signals a time of dissatisfaction, boredom, and perhaps even depression.  This can play out in any area of our lives, but no matter where, what, or how, we are bound to end up feeling cheated and dismayed.

What’s up for grabs, however, is whether this prompts us to make positive changes in our lives (for almost certainly our angst is due to unrealistic expectations) or drown ourselves in our sorrows.

For the Kabbalist, this relates to the fourth sephira, Chesed, which represents majesty, loving-kindness, and spiritual love.  The ruler of Chesed is Jupiter (or Zeus), who in ancient mythology was the far-sighted, benevolent king of the gods.  But when we look at the stories about Jupiter, we find that no only was he associated with a cosmic consciousness we mortals could never hope to possess he was also a dirty old man.

Mythically, Jupiter’s colossal appetite for extra-marital sex (he impregnated just about everything that moved) was as legendary as was his stormy relationship with his long-suffering wife Hera, whom one gets the impression underneath it all he really did love.

Perhaps like certain modern celebrities we could say he had an addiction to sex.   In any event Jupiter‘s ‘problem’ is archetypal and can be summed up for a Four of Cups day as overindulgence – much too much of a good thing.

In the end, Jupiter did all right despite his destructive tendencies and that we can put down to his enormous reservoir of hope and good faith.   Jupiter understood the profound difference between pleasure and happiness and was able to rise above himself time and time again – so as to refocus his energy from scattered sensuality into more prosperous, long-lasting pursuits.

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