It’s a Two of Swords Day – time for a ‘sick headache’

With the sun in Leo (creative self-expression) and the moon in Libra (balance and compromise), today is a Two of Swords day.

On a divinatory level, the Two of Swords implies a tense state where we’ve closed our eyes to life’s problems rather than trying to sort them out.

Interestingly, the information and motivation needed to succeed are already in place.  So the problem lies not with preparation, but with implementation.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy relates to the 2nd sepira, Chockmah, where we find the male energy in its dynamic aspect – constructive, stimulating, and evolutionary – the driving force behind much needed change.

All change starts with a conflict in need of resolution – hence the present state of tension.

Yet however much the moon in Libra would like to push ahead, it simply can’t.   Libra is an air sign, not an earth sign, and therefore is not directly involved with the material world.  They swim with the tide – not against it.   Taking a stand against anyone or anything is more than they can possibly manage.  Perceiving these inadequacies, the moon in Libra retreats into the realm of ideas and does battle not with the world at large, but with its own inner demons.

The sun in Leo suffers much the same fate, albeit for different reasons.  Like Libra, Leo’s weak spot lies with its interaction with the material world; it’s the nature of Leo bask in the limelight of his fiery personality rather than to do anyone’s dirty work including his own.  But haughty as he may seem, Leo is all too aware of his shortcomings.  His ego dented, Leo retreats into sulky solitude.

So on a Two of Swords day, although action is what’s called for, the impetus required to affect it is lacking.    This sad state of affairs creates more and tension until we reach the point where we can do nothing more than go to bed with a sick headache.

The best that can be said for a Two of Swords day is that in a day or two the energy will change and with some fresh air we can  get moving again.

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