6 key astrological points – Obama & Romney

Six key astrological points to consider when sizing up these two men:


Mitt Romney (12 March 1947 @ 9:51 AM in Detroit MI)

1)            Pisces Sun – potential for great creativity/sacrifice as well as self-defeating deceit.

2)            Scorpio Moon – master of tactical maneuovers, tenacious, masks secret rage.

3)            Mercury in Scorpio –what you hear is filtered through needs for secrecy and control.

4)            No earth – lack of practicality – difficulty making ideas manifest.

5)            Lack of cardinal signs –lack of innate ability to initiate or lead.

6)            Venus (values) in Aquarius @ MC – emphasis on aesthetics and financial success.

Barrack Obama (4 August 1961 @ 7:24 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii)

1)   Leo Sun – Playful yet dignified –  susceptible to flattery and inability to accept defeat.

2)   Gemini Moon –intellectual and witty – can be glib and shallow – scattered and rote.

3)   Mercury in Leo – what you hear filtered through needs for self-aggrandizement and approval.

4)   Venus (values) in Cancer in the 5th House – emphasis on protecting the herditary nest.

5)   Saturn in Capricorn – hard-nosed ambition, critical and intent.

6)   Aquarius rising – humane, sympathetic, original and refined – overly rationalistic at times.

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