6 key astrological points – Obama & Romney

Six key astrological points to consider when sizing up these two men:


Mitt Romney (12 March 1947 @ 9:51 AM in Detroit MI)

1)            Pisces Sun – potential for great creativity/sacrifice as well as self-defeating deceit.

2)            Scorpio Moon – master of tactical maneuovers, tenacious, masks secret rage.

3)            Mercury in Scorpio –what you hear is filtered through needs for secrecy and control.

4)            No earth – lack of practicality – difficulty making ideas manifest.

5)            Lack of cardinal signs –lack of innate ability to initiate or lead.

6)            Venus (values) in Aquarius @ MC – emphasis on aesthetics and financial success.

Barrack Obama (4 August 1961 @ 7:24 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii)

1)   Leo Sun – Playful yet dignified –  susceptible to flattery and inability to accept defeat.

2)   Gemini Moon –intellectual and witty – can be glib and shallow – scattered and rote.

3)   Mercury in Leo – what you hear filtered through needs for self-aggrandizement and approval.

4)   Venus (values) in Cancer in the 5th House – emphasis on protecting the herditary nest.

5)   Saturn in Capricorn – hard-nosed ambition, critical and intent.

6)   Aquarius rising – humane, sympathetic, original and refined – overly rationalistic at times.

Romney Makes Fellow Americans in London Cry Out in Pain

Yes, America, it’s true.

Mitt Romney – Republican Presidential candidate (presumptive) – made such a fool of himself in London that your fellow Americans living here cried out in pain …. (Boris – the Mayor of London is – like myself and a good many others – a dual-national).

It’s one thing to insult your host from ignorance (we’d like to give Mitt the benefit of the doubt as was done with GW Bush), but it’s another altogether to do so out of arrogance – an arrogance so grevious – that the Prime Minister felt compelled to reply (although it’s likely that the full impact of this went over Mitt’s head – and that’s the best part).

In an increasingly ‘global economy’ in which the US wishes to be a big – if not the biggest – player, then (contrary to apparent popular belief) – it’s not just about the voters ‘back home’.

Everyone – including a superpower – needs more friends than enemies.  This is especially the case when America’s position as said superpower is no longer completely secure.