Will the Literary Agent that just asked for a partial decide to represent me?

I’m not as good at horary astrology as I might like to be, but every once and awhile, I do give it a try.

I’ve just finished my first astrological novel – The Curve of Capricorn (not quite like the Booker Prize winning The Luminaries, but just as good if I might say so myself).  In the process of sending out query letters to a few literary agents, I’ve just received a request for a partial.  For those familiar with the publishing industry, this is encouraging – but much could still go wrong.

So I asked the ‘stars’ if the agency who requested the partial would ultimately decide to represent me – and this is the chart I got:


1)   Because I’m the querent, the planet ruling the Scorpio ascendant – MARS – represents me (note in horary – the traditional rulers are always used).

2)   Because the literary agents are ruled by the 9th house where Leo is on the cusp, the SUN represents them.

3)   Sadly MARS (in the 10th house of reputation and fame – YEAH) is making a  SEXTILE (good) aspect to the SUN that is separating rather than applying. This indicates that the desired representation deal will never PERFECT (i.e. it will not come to pass).

4)   BUT THEN – I recall the principle of TRANSLATION OF LIGHT (the astrological bucket brigade) whereby if – MERCURY – a faster moving planet than the two significators (MARS and the SUN) connects with both MARS and the SUN in a favourable way, it can actually restore the action of the separating aspect – in other words (especially since MERCURY is in Scorpio which because MARS rules Scorpio is in essential dignity) me and that literary agent might still do a deal.

5)   Well, wouldn’t you know it – good old MERCURY is leaving it’s (still within orb) SEXTILE (good) with MARS (me) while applying for a CONJUNCTION (also good) with the SUN (the literary agency) – all within orb.

6)   Even better, as required by Lilly, because MERCURY is in Scorpio, it’s in essential dignity to the first significator – MARS.

7)   The only trouble is that dear old MERCURY is in RETROGRADE- which while not disastrous isn’t really the best either.  This suggests some back and forth to-ings and for-ings – missed communications or changing of minds.

So if you happen to be the literary agency who just asked for a partial for The Curve of Capricorn, hang in there – MERCURY goes DIRECT on Sunday, 10 November 2013 at 21:13 GMT.

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