The Greek bailout and why it’s so likely to go all wrong

imagesThe Greek bailout and why it’s so likely to go all wrong:

  • Mercury is conjunct Mars suggesting this bailout was the result of some very angry communication.
  • Not only that, but the Mercury/Mars conjunction is opposite Pluto suggesting some serious, underhanded, manipulation – Pluto is always coercive and brings out the worst in any situation – not the best energy for striking long-lasting bargains.
  • That Mercury/Mars conjunction is also trine Neptune suggesting at best disillusion (which first requires illusion) and at worst, deliberate telling of untruths. Any way you look at it, things aren’t what they look to be.
  • Jupiter is closely conjunct Venus suggesting indulgence that will be hard to control – Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Venus is known for tending to live beyond its means – especially if the conjunction is troubled by other planets.
  • Which it is – this is a close trine to Uranus which can be symbolised by the Tarot card, the Tower destroyed by lightening. This is an electric energy – highly unstable albeit idealistic and forward thinking.
  • Not only that, but that Jupiter/Venus conjunction is square Saturn – if grand plans (Jupiter) about finance (Venus) are going to be manifest (Saturn) there should not be such a seesaw between optimism and doubt. As one astrologer astutely put it, Jupiter in square aspect to Saturn suggests lack of inner conviction (a square being what it sounds like – being between a rock and a hard spot – trying to fit a round peg into a square hole).
  • But the crux of any matter in the world of mundane astrology is the position of the Moon – which in this case is in Gemini. This suggests highly spirited communication and ideas –which in and of itself isn’t bad. But one can’t eat and drink ideas – and because the moon in mundane astrology denotes the general public, we can imagine that because of the sextile of this Moon with that highly explosive Uranus, we should expect some outbreaks of political tension.bailout chart

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  1. I have to agree with you, not only because of the current major astrological transit, but because I am a political junkie, and I feel that the opportunity to encourage the IMF, Germany and our own U.S. Federal government to stop strangling its societies with destructive austerity programs, and instead collaborate with the other heads of governments, and work to prosecute and punish those financial and political outlaws who design our false narratives, and purchase political power, to seduce, deceive and plunder the world’s resources. Maybe I’m talking out of my butt, but with Scorpio (dredging up and out, the old, destructive, fascism, greed, religious fanaticism, and war profiteering) still transiting Capricorn, (tradition, authority and reputation) political and corporate corruption is regularly exposed, with little to no accountability and punishment of those at the own the table. With the arc of the universe not seeming to move towards justice, I fear that we are in for the time of great tribulation the bible speaks of in Revelation. The delusional collusion between corporations and governments who seek profit over people; the religious factions that believe ethnic cleansing is the only way to achieve peace, and granting untrustworthy corporate humans the right to deliberately mismanage earth’s resources and place all life in peril, portends really bad Mojo.

  2. I enjoy reading through an article that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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